Marvel Comic Book Canvas Art

There are much better sales on these than what’s here…

Oof, while I’d like that #100 spiderman, $65 is just too much to spend on a wall hanging for me.

I always love post like these. Where are these “much better sales?”

Damn. If only these were DC…

Some pretty classic covers on here, actually. Silver Surfer # 4, ASM 50, ASM 100, Hulk 181, Hulk 1. Some pretty good options.

And AF 15, of course. Skipped past that one initially…

Forget the art…where can I find that hot pink vintage couch?!

I have some of these (not canvas print mind you) but some covers like Captain America cover #110 I got from Ross for $9.99 its the same cover just on a type of wood/particle board. For $10 can’t go wrong.

My hobby lobby in LA has these for 29 dollars

I was about to say the same thing! It does not have nearly the selection, but it does have several of these exact items for $29.99. This is a horrible “sale”, woot.

Yeah, what he said. DC or gettafuggout.

Sgt Rock cover, GI Combat, Weird War Tales, hell with everything else.

200% of internet prices. You supafayul again, woot.

I know. I’m outraged that a site I have no obligation to visit is selling comic book art for a price that possibly could be had lower someplace else.
I’m calling the consumer files guy on the local news channel right now from my basement.

Go to and “Google” for promo codes. Currently “fun55”

I always love posts like these, sorry if you had to use a search engine like the rest of the world.

God dammit Woot, I got all excited when my Moon Knight Canvas Art Google Alert notified me of a hit and I get here and see this…

THAT’S exactly what I was wondering!!

$82.50 at icanvas for a marvel with frame.

The ones woot is offering don’t have frames. $36 for the same item at icanvasart (26x18) using the coupon fun55

THANK YOU for the tip! The Thor panels square here ends up $92.64 with tax and shipping, just ordered same one for $60.50 delivered. Grin.

Well, you can poop on a canvas and throw it on the wall, same thing.


I kid, yeah too bad no DC, could grab one or two for early xmas shopping.