Marvel Comics Canvas Art

Really cool!

Though a coworker chimed in - “Aww, why is there no love for Batman?”.


It would be cool, but it looks like these are only Marvel characters.

Batman = DC

Yes… I am well aware of Batman being DC. It was a funny aside as my coworker was intently looking at the page, had clicked the link, etc… made fully aware this is Marvel, but didn’t make the connection.

These are so freaking cool. If only I had more expendable cheese.

Did you give him that “derp” look. That works well with my son.

OMG, I am so jealous of the pink couch! WANT!

If you look at the photos of the canvas prints on Woot, you see the design on the front of the canvas is carried over to the edges, so you see the same image printed along the side edge.

This is a neat idea, a nice effect and one of the reasons I bought one. Well, it arrived today and the side edges are BLANK.

All of the photos shown on Woot, and Woot’s supplier (iCanvasArt in Illinois) show printed edges. The Woot photos also showed the optional 1.5" thick version of the print, not the .75" version described in the Woot description and shipped.

How does this happen?
Did the supplier send Woot photo samples with printed edges, and then deliberately decide to omit this during the production run?
Is Woot aware they did this?
Or was Woot in on this from the start?

I have half a mind to return this thing - what do you other buyers have to say about this?
You might want to share your feelings with Woot customer service.

This might be a minor point to some, but a rather blatant misrepresentation of the product (on either Woot’s or iCanvasArt’s part), if you ask me.