Marvelous Alphabet

Fun with a flair. Although I’m going to have to think on a few. I like your style, DinoMike.

Black Widow
Captain America
Green Goblin
Iron Man
Jean Grey
K? -> Reportedly Kraven
Otto Octavius
Reed Richards
Z? -> Reportedly Zzzax

Don’t know K or Z…

Edit: Added Kraven and Zzzax as per comments below.

I was wondering if K was Kitty Pryde, or Kraven, but I think the colors are wrong for that.

I believe K is Kraven and Z is Zzzax.

Z is a character called Zzzax. Not kidding.

WHY!? Why did it have to be on white? (gnashes teeth)

Well played. I would not have gotten those. Z looks like it’s on fire, Zzzax is more electrical.

Oh yeah, totally know Zzzax. He was on an episode of Ultimate Spider-man some time ago. He and the Hulk fought him.

I definitely see the lion head thing for Kraven. Zzzax is whatever. White shirt is a no-go, though. Time to start offering multiple colors like so many of the other shirt-a-days.

This shirt should never have existed, and by that, I mean perhaps if it has a creator, that creator should possibly have never been brought to term. Now, I have no idea who made this, but let’s assume it’s an AI. Obviously, this is SkyNET trying to cause nerds to have a conniption fit. There is no uniform nomenclature for what part of a character’s name gets put on the shirt! By the logic of “R”, the following letter, “S”, should be where “P” is located! I HAET DIS SHIRT!

I don’t know. I have a hard time buying that as Zzzax.

Z is Zawadi, a wakandan. Leopard print on the Z.

Not actually leopard print. It’s the speckles on Zzzax’s forehead.

Its definitely Zzzax. Marvel does that spot graphic all the time for heat.

Kraven was the only one that threw me. That looked like fire, not fur.

BTW, just to go full nerd, they need to pick a single criteria. Either go First name or Character name. Don’t mix and match.

Here’s one artist’s rendition of Zzzax if this helps.

Zemo or Zarathos would have worked as well.

I thought the same thing myself!

I will say- we tried it on different colors and just weren’t as in love with it on anything else since there are already so many colors in the design. This was the best way to spotlight the design though I will agree that white is also not my fav color for a blank.

In for 1 for my 5year old son, let’s see, should that be a size 8 or 10? :grimacing: