Marvelous Alphabet

The reason Mr. Fantastic is R is because of his real name: Reed Richards.

As a parent, it’s nice to see “X” not represented by X-Ray or Xylophone for a change. Haha.

I almost think that Kylun works better for K than Kraven…

ah, deviant danny…after success investigating treasure chests, he kicked one too many sinks…rip

My thoughts exactly.

I hate white shirts, for no valid reason what so ever, I just always have…

The design is super fun though.

AA is sized so much better.

But if you were serious, my tiny 6 year old (35lbs/42") wears an 8 most of the time, but a few of his brother’s 10’s have shrunk so much that they became his. So, if he’s on the big side and 5 I’d probably go with the 10… If the shrinking was in anyway equal, like every shirt shrunk the same amount, it would be so much easier to know what to buy. My 8 year old is 42lbs/46" and since some of his 10’s have gotten too small I was buying him 12’s, which were huge when we got them but no where near as much after the first wash. If I didn’t mention before that this is ridiculous than, well, this is ridiculous. My 11 and almost 13 year olds wear size 12 in nearly every brand from every store (medium women’s for anvil shirts though, of course), there is no explanation for my 8 year old being in size 12 in anything.

Not enough female characters, and the ones who are there are mainly distinguished by their hair… lazy.