Marvelous Influences

You have outdone yourself, sir. Simply fantastic.


Shouldn’t the Devil (Deadpool) be on your left shoulder?

I love it. I love it SO HARD.

But I really want to see photos of the execution on a real shirt.

Also, while I’m at it, can anyone please tell me more about Woot’s zip hoodies? Are they the kind with the rough metal zipper teeth, like the cheapo Hanes and Fruit of the Loom hoodies they have at Target and Walmart? It may sound petty, but those zippers itch my belly through a T-shirt and I just can’t wear them. I won’t buy a hoodie I can’t wear, no matter how much I love the design.

And, at the risk of repeating myself, I love it SO HARD.

My wife and I love our jersey zip hoodies from Woot. Highly recommend. The fabric isn’t heavy like a normal hoodie, very much as advertised, a long sleeve jersey t-shirt, with a zipper and hood. The zipper is not intense. In fact, it is a bit weak I found, as the zipper tag broke on one of my hoodies fairly quickly. Still 100% usable, just have to put in a bit more effort to zip it now.

The other 3 we have have been fine. Wash zipped and inside out and you won’t have the problem I had! :wink:

This shirt is my spirit animal.

I didn’t know there was a preferred placement. This wasn’t brought up in the arguments against Listen to Your Conscience. Then again, in those days, Adder usually was arguing about … other stuff.

Nice to see tgentry again.

Love the concept, but usually the angel is depicted on (or hovering near) the right shoulder and the devil or demon on the left, as the left side traditionally represents dishonesty or impurity.
This…coming from a left-handed individual.

Can we reverse em?

Okay, now we need this with Daredevil and Archangel.

The etymology of the word sinister goes way back to the Latin word for left:


Glad I wasn’t the only person bothered that the angel and devil are on the wrong shoulders. This is why superstitious people throw spilt salt over their left shoulder: to blind the devil and prevent bad luck.

ha! Good stuff. Fun expressions.

Can I get one with a devil Deadpool on both shoulders?

…Nerds. The absolute hardest customers to please.

Want to buy this so badly. But am I the only female person worried this will end up looking like I have superheroes standing on each half of my lady chest instead of sitting on my shoulders?

Some of us would appreciate the excuse to admire.

Stupid question alert: From my phone, I cannot figure out how to order the hoodie rather than the T. My nephew and his wife had a Marvel-ous wedding, and they are now awaiting the arrival of the next superhero, who is going to surprise his mommy with a hoodie for Christmas – if his dotty great aunt can just order it. GAH! Curses!