Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

It’s Spring once again, and Wooters are tending to their gardens.

Post your pictures, tout your techniques, boast about your bounty, or queue up your questions here.

If it’s green and it’s growing, it’s good.

I tend to grow herbs in pots on my deck. Since I live in a woods, sunlight is not always there.
I brought some pots in last fall. I still have basil, rosemary, and chives growing. Thyme died out.
Never planted parsley, as I could not find the flat-leaf kind.
I have enough sage I dried from a year or so back that I won’t need any for a while.

I may try that this year. I’ve got a garden that runs along the back of the kitchen and dining room (about 35 feet long and 4 feet wide). Last year I tried to plant pumpkins there, but they really didn’t thrive. It would be a good place to do a pot garden of herbs, spices and such. I’ve got a lot of seed I can start for things like that too. Maybe I’ll drag out the cold frames tomorrow and set them up. That’d be a good way to harden them once the sprout.

The only ones I ever grew from seed were the basil plants last summer.
I wanna start some other herbs early as well.
I love to cook, and most herbs dry well. Not basil or parsley, though…

Do you have a good recipe for salsa? I need one!

I know my son does. I’ll ask him tomorrow. It’s kind of a gourmet, eclectic recipe, but he does good things in the kitchen.

Edit: Cilantro. I may have to see if I can grow that. With all of the tomatoes I have planned to plant this year, it’d come in really handy. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Jerusalem artichokes too. Taste like water chestnuts in cooking, but HUGE.

My ex sister in law made the best salsa I have ever had.
I guess I could ask her for the recipe, she thinks my ex is a d*ckhead also, heh.

The new hydrangeas are great. Endless Summer is one of them. He has several and they bloom all summer.

We need to keep this thread alive for the spring!!
I want to see everyone’s gardens!!

Post the recipe if you get it. I usually use jar stuff, but it would be fun to make.
I don’t do many vegetables anymore. Unc’s parents have a HUGE garden and lots of overflow. I do mostly perennials and herbs. I used to do vegetables in the terraced garden in the front, but I don’t have much time in the summer now that I work 12 months instead of 9. Just keeping up with the weeds is a chore.
Unc eliminated the grass in my front yard, so I have boxes and paths. All perennials and herbs. They are wonderful and are so calming after a long day at work.

I love hydrangeas, but I do not have any.
Great dried flowers as well!

It will be a while - we just got rid of the snow!

I can only grow grass where I don’t want it…

I will post it if I get it!!
She had: mild, med, and hot.
I got the med, it was perfect.

Shame, shame.

Round up is a miraculous invention.

If you clip them and put them it root starter they seem to grow. Maybe you could find someone around you that has them?

My garden is covered in snow…I was looking at my photos from last year & I was getting growth on May 11th.

Even that doesn’t work on some of my weeds. Unc paved my paths between my garden boxes. Those stubborn weeds cracked through the cement and stones. Roundup helps, but they still come back in a couple weeks - seemingly stronger and more prolific than ever!

Mine is still covered in mulch. We could still get snow, so I resisted the urge to rake it this weekend (unseasonable 60 degrees yesterday). With being in CA for the next couple weeks, I don’t want those tender spring bulbs to come up too soon when I can’t protect them.