Maryhill Cabernet Franc (6)

Maryhill Cabernet Franc 6-Pack
$79.99 $156.00 49% off List Price
2012 Maryhill Cabernet Franc, Columbia Valley

Looks like these CF vintages succeed in quality every other year. I’m really interested in these 2012’s…anyone wanna split in Southern Nevada? Not familiar with this winery and I’m always cautious trying new places… tempt me. I mean don’t tempt me…

Had this wine a few months ago at a Maryhill wine dinner in Wooster, Oh with Maryhill owner Craig Leuthold. Great guy with a lot of knowledge and passion for Washington wines.

The evening was even more enjoyable because I got to spend it in the company of bahwm and ddeuddeg who drove down from Buffalo.

For me, the 2012 Cab Franc was the WOTN (wine of the night) and I bought some to take home. While I can’t remember specific tasting notes, I was happy to pay $20/bottle for it, so it’s a steal at the wine.woot price.

I’m in for a 6-pack and holding 2 bottles for bahwm and ddeuddeg since they never took their “commission” on some wines they wootlegged for me last year.

Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

No shipping to MD? Haven’t seen that in a while.

Ugh, I’m in MD too.

I hope I catch this offer again. Decided I should probably save $$ funds on peters retirement blowout. I really hope on scoring a Karren vineyard Cab or 2. That 07" was amazing!!! Anyways back on subject; This Juice looks great. I know I’ll kick myself in the butt later for not getting it.

As am I. That’s at least 3 of us that would have bought.

Normally I’d be all over this but this week has been rough on my wine budget.

I live in MD also. Sounds like we need to have a party for the people who can’t get this offer. BBQ and Zinfandel?

Hmmm, live in MD…no ship. Work in VA…no ship! Blah!

This is the wine that turned me into a cab franc fan. Earthy, full bodied, smooth and even better on the 2nd day. Everyone I’ve served this to has become a fan also. I can buy this at a local grocery store so I pick up a bottle or 2 every week to add to my stash. I pay $15/bottle, which I consider a great price for a great wine, so at around $13.50 shipped I’d say this is a very good deal!

How would you compare this to the Woot Cellars Tootstejn?

I know many liked that one but I found it a bit to candied and fruity.

I do not like much bell-pepper in my Cab Franc but some earthiness is nice.

Price check…
Woot list price $26 per bottle
Woot sale price$13.33 per bottle
Winery list price $20 per bottle
Winery club price $15 per bottle
Customer comment $15 per bottle at local grocery store

Yes its an ok deal but it is NOT 49% off list price.
Maybe Woot should get the facts straight.
I’ll Pass.

Better yet how about 49% off the actual List price. Or maybe the Reserve Cab Franc

Hi there. Shipping is included in our price. Our MSRP is based on an average shipping price. Here’s what it was to me in TX from the website:

Facts checked. :slight_smile:

And you didn’t let me know you were going to the Wooster Inn with bahwm and ddeuddeg!! Shame, shame. Going in on just one based on your recommendation. ddeuddeg wootlegged for me too and brought it in when they went to your wedding. I owe him also so maybe we can all end up with four. Now keep me updated!!!

Yes, we have a winner! :slight_smile:

I haven’t popped open a Toothstejn yet, sorry. I do not remember any bell pepper as part of the flavor profile for the Maryhill CF. Hope that helps… a little.

My sincere apologies, Larry. I decided at the last minute to go to the dinner. My wife didn’t want to go because she had to work very early the next morning, also she is the pickiest eater in the world and would not have eaten anything on the menu. So I was a 3rd wheel, haha.

Scott & Jana will not be at the Inn this year (but they are already booked for 2018). We still plan to go to at least one dinner and will be sure to let you know in hopes that you can make it.

PMing you my phone number for future reference…