Maryhill Columbia Valley Zinfandel (6)

Maryhill Columbia Valley Zinfandel 6-Pack
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2012 Maryhill Zinfandel, Columbia Valley

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Good juice?

Actually, I just cancelled and decided to wait for some notes. I initially bought it because someone in the What did ya drink? forum mention a good WA Zin was coming, but I’ve spent so much $$ recently I had second thoughts. May still pick it up later.

Edit: it was InFrom

Yes, I’d like notes as well. You don’t see Washington state zin too often. Maybe that’s why it’s available here today.

Oy, so much pressure!

I opened the wine at the office after work today, and shared it with a few wine-loving friends. I did my best, but nobody’s that big on the wine-tasting lingo. Initial comments were “smells rich and delicious” “I love wine”, “I taste some oak, it’s fruity”, “Yes, oak, not so fruity”, “it’s an excellent wine, that’s all I can tell you”. So basically not that helpful. In the moment everyone liked it, and told me to go ahead and buy it if the price is right. So I’m planning to buy it, mainly because they want it. I don’t think I’d get it just for me, it’s a little restrained for my liking.

My own observations, based on this afternoon and also a little sip of the leftovers a few minutes ago – it’s not at all oaky to me, and not an overripe, fruity wine. This evening I’m not tasting much fruit at all. I got a whiff of licorice. The finish is a little acidic. Doesn’t hit you over the head with alcohol or tannins.

Since I’d promised to bring a good part of the bottle home for my SO, I corked it and appeased my thirsty friends by opening another 2012 Zin, this one a Wellington Estate. It struck us as much sweeter, and fruitier. Some preferred the Maryhill, I liked the Wellington better.

To respond to Cortot: I had been wondering when comparing the two Zins this afternoon – is the difference simply a matter of the WA grapes not having as much time to ripen?

I took a nice picture of what I assume will be my last rat bottle from this site, but it will have to wait until morning, I’m falling out.[grape]

I know it’s a little premature to be erecting shrines to wine.woot, but I felt i had to do something to commemorate my (presumably) last golden ticket. The wine bottles are mine, the other things are scavenged from a colleague’s office.

Edit: not sure why my image isn’t showing, but it’ll have to wait until morning.

86 that.

Step away from the computer…, InFrom!

Morning has come and gone. Eagerly awaiting picture(s).

Yeah, I realized I’d reached my limit. Happy to amuse.

I tried! The coding looks right to me, but the picture doesn’t show. Also, Imgur doesn’t seem quite the same as last time I used it, when it would give me a choice of different-sized files. I don’t see any such now. Maybe b/c I didn’t sign in? Anyway, here’s the link to the pic:

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Hmm, not sure what I failed to do right, but I’m glad you figured it out, thanks!

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Ah. Thanks.


2012 Maryhill Zinfandel

I got a golden ticket for the Maryhill Zinfandel and was pretty excited since we visited the winery on our honeymoon last year and I have also attended a Maryhill wine dinner in Ohio with bahwm and ddeuddeg.

Maryhill makes a wide variety of wines and the non-reserve wines are very affordably priced. Their style seems to be a bit more restrained than other WA wineries - more of an old world style and this Zinfandel is no exception.

On PnP the nose is somewhat muted but after swirling a bit, I detected notes of cherry, raspberry and cocoa powder.

A little tart on the palate initially, with notes of cranberry and pomegranate complementing the cherry and raspberry from the nose. There was also a fair bit of earthiness which incorporated the aforementioned cocoa powder along with some bramble/spice which carried through the finish.

The wine is medium bodied with a juicy mouthfeel, medium to medium+ finish and has a light tannic grip.

Overall, it’s a nice daily drinker type of Zinfandel that well represents the value and style of Maryhill wines.

EDIT: I forgot to add that as the wine opened up, the tartness level decreased and the bramble/spice notes were a little stronger on the finish. Also re: oak treatment, I felt that it was just about right - noticeable but not dominant. I’d say it was well integrated.