Maryhill Proprietor's Reserve Tavolo Rosso (4)

Maryhill Proprietor’s Reserve Tavolo Rosso Red Wine 4-Pack
$79.99 $148.00 46% off List Price
2012 Proprietor’s Reserve Tavolo Rosso Red Wine, Columbia Valley

Ooh, I have almost gone in on a few of the maryhill offers, but these are available in most stores here in portland. Never seen this bottle though, and I am looking for more local sangiovese after I tried the pedroncelli. I’m gonna sleep on it. Also, woot, if you happen to get some gilbert cellars for Washington week you totally have a sale from me!!

No tasting notes on CT. Hoping someone will chime in on this offer.

The wine is actually aged in 60% new Oak according to the bottle. After tasting this wine I strongly recommend decanting this wine for atleast an hour, after decanting the wine it really started showing well. Rich notes of red berries and black cherry followed by dried rose petals and tobacco. On the finish the wine had a lingering spice. This wine is drinkable now or through the next 4-5 years. Defiantly a food driven wine. I would pair this with Lamb rigatoni with a spicy red vodka sauce, chicken tikka masala or spicy steak fajitas great value at $20 a bottle.

Thanks, in for one. :blush:. It may be sold out by the time I get up for work today. I have been very happy with previous Maryhill offerings.


2012 Maryhill Proprietor’s Reserve Tavola Rosso

Got the lucky golden ticket. The monkeys flew in with a bottle for debating. We let it rest in the cellar for a few days to get over that travel shock, and give us time to plan a meal to pair with it.

This is a Super Tuscan blend of 75% Sangiovese and 25% Cabernet, so we went to Italian, and decided on a lasagna. Made with Italian Sausage. Garfield has nothing on us.

Decanted for an hour or so. The wine is dark in color. Anticipating a nice full wine from the color.

On the nose, there are notes of dark cherry, floral and some oak. Now to tasting this beauty.
There is black cherry with a nice acidity, and a hint of pepper. SWMBO found a little light, especially when paired with the heavy flavors in the lasagna. I have to agree, and not just because she MBO. The deep color is not matched with the body of the wine. This is a more medium-bodied Sangio blend. The finish is short, though it was a little longer as the wine warmed up.

This was also an enjoyable wine to sit and sip through the end of the bottle after we finished dinner.

This is a very pleasant wine. Do not expect a heavy Sangio like you would find in a Brunello. Maybe even a little lighter than many Chiantis. This will go great with a lighter Italian meal, not a sausage lasagna.

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A little late. We slept in with the blizzard. Though I probably only would have been an hour earlier on a normal day.

Happy Pi Day!

Hi CruelMelody - Our Tavolo Rosso is one you won’t find in common distribution and never at this price! We hope you try our Super Tuscan blend or any of our other Sangioveses! Cheers!

Hi Ttboy23 - Here are a few notes you can find on this wine at our website!

A lush Super Tuscan blend that highlights dark cherry, strawberry and a hint of leather. Well-balanced and medium bodied with smooth tannins throughout the lengthy finish.

I was very disappointed after I tried to order. It said it would not ship to Iowa. First time I’ve ever had a wine.woot that would not ship to Iowa. Maryhill did ship to me another time, and I really enjoyed the Merlot I bought. Was very bummed I could get this one. :frowning:

Too late this time around, but the next time this happens to you, ask while the sale is still active. Very often, if not always, someone from wine.woot will check on the state list, and if it’s wrong, will have the corrections made so that sales can go through. And if the exclusion was not an error, they’ll let you know that, too. Especially, as in this sale, where someone from the winery is participating in the discussion. You know they want everyone possible to buy, buy, buy!