Maryhill Winemaker's Red (6)

Maryhill Columbia Valley Winemaker’s Red 6-Pack
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2013 Winemaker’s Red, Columbia Valley

No Ohio again. Its becoming common. I bought Maryhill before on Woot.

Bummer that Tennessee is not listed as a state to ship to. I got to sample their Reisling last night and it was outstanding. To my surprise I wake up this morning to see their wines on Wine.Woot. Wish I could give this one a shot.

There is something going on with shipping laws in Ohio. Our wine club recently halted shipping to Ohio, but I don’t more the that.

28,000 cases!!!

A bottle of 2013 Maryhill Winemaker’s Red showed up at the house Friday afternoon. 1/2 of the bottle down the hatch last night, the other 1/2 back in the fridge for football today.

Closure is a twin-top agglomerated cork. That is a granulated cork with solid cork disc ends. Who cares right? (had to look that up)

No sediment, poured off to a decanter for a little air. Berries on the nose, touch of cedar, so I’m guessing cabernet sauvignon based.
Color, translucent/medium ruby.

Taste, medium body, easy drinking, spicy, black fruit/berries, fruit is present but wouldn’t say fruit forward. So fruity but restrained. Touch of smoke(from oak?). But not noticeably oaky. Soft but enough acidity to make it food friendly. Tannins, low/little. I’m thinking $15-$20 retail. (and I know Maryhill somewhat so that may have influenced my price guess) and guessing $12 for a woot price. I like this quite a bit. Would drink now but seems it could hold a bit.

Summation after reading the write up here on woot: taste of cabernet sauv, soft like a merlot and little spice from the syrah. I certainly didn’t get jammy.

My initial reaction is to grab 6, but since I have the luxury of having 1/2 bottle left, we’ll determine that for sure halftime of the first game today :wink:

Hope that helps.

Very helpful. Thanks.

Nothing has changed with shipping laws in Ohio but the state does limit annual production to 250,000 gallons for wineries to be able to ship to the state. As wineries grow, they sometimes surpass that production level and are no longer able to ship here. I’ve seen it happen with Sebastiani and Pacific Rim, among others.

It’s possible that Maryhill has also surpassed that threshold but we were just there in person on our honeymoon a week ago and they told us that they could ship to Ohio, so… ???

For those of you from Ohio who happen to live in the Wooster area, the Maryhill folks will be in town for a wine dinner at the Wooster Inn on November 11th. We’ll be there. Would love to see some other wooters.

EDIT: If we could be sure it would arrive by the 10th, we’d offer to wootleg, but don’t know when we’ll be in the area again.

Great notes, kaolis.

I suppose they could have updated their shipping figures. Or whoever told you that may not have been aware that the max had been reached.

Ok, a little rounder and maybe a little plummy/some secondary day two, not in a bad way at all but it has changed.

In by the way

I have never heard of/noticed this before. I’m going to keep an eye out for it now.

Thank you for the review, wine.woot-pinions help tremendously.

Some of the wineries we visited said they could ship to Ohio but only through a 3rd party shipping company. Don’t know about the legalities of that but it’s possible that Maryhill would have used a 3rd party as well, they didn’t say.

Unfortunately, the Winemaker’s Red was not part of the tasting lineup when we were there. Also, the Syrah is the only wine that will be served in Wooster that we tasted. The wine that stood head and shoulders above the rest for us was their Barbera. Nancy also really liked their Sauv Blanc but I didn’t taste it as they offered me some Port and I didn’t want to follow that up with SB.

EDIT to add that Maryhill has some screaming case specials going on.

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