Maryhill Winemaker's Red (6)

Maryhill Columbia Valley Winemaker’s Red 6-Pack
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2013 Maryhill Winemaker’s Red, Columbia Valley

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Missed this the first time around
“Production & Aging: Aged 11 months in tank with 40% French Oak staves”
Could some sole kindly explain how a tank (stainless, concrete, ?) can have 40% French Oak staves?

Maybe it would be ‘40%’ of the volume of the tank dry, then the wine was added??

I do believe that of the oak staves put into the tank, 40% of them were French oak.

My lovely bride really likes this, so, I’m in. May they arrive cool to the touch :slight_smile:
Drank a bottle of this from the previous offer as it happens a week or so ago. Had it with dinner but does not require food, actually was a little more fruit forward than I remembered.

This would make sense.

It is very common today to ferment wine in concrete or stainless steel and use oak staves (or chips or cubes) to simulate oak barrel contact at a fraction of the price. So in this case, I believe the staves were probably measured to simulate the oak contact of 40% of the wine being aged in oak barrels and then blended. (Or the previous comment might be right, that 40% of the staves were French Oak, but that makes less sense to me because it begs the question “40% of how much oak?”)

Used to live in Oregon and I’ve been to the winery. I never skip them when they’re on here.

The mystery continues???

From the Features page:
“Once pressed, these wines were blended together in similar lots for style and underwent Malolactic fermentation in tanks containing 40% ‘new’ French Oak staves.”

From the Specs page:
“Production & Aging: Aged 11 months in tank with 40% French Oak staves.”

Perhaps 40% of the staves are new, and 60% have been used before.

Sorry I can’t remember the vintage, and didn’t keep notes, but we tasted the Maryhill Winemaker’s Red at one of the wine dinners at the Wooster Inn (home of a nearly annual Scott Harvey dinner) a couple of years ago. All of the wines were very well made, and this is really an excellent buy at $10/bottle shipped, no matter how many oak staves of whatever age were in the tank. :tongue:

Yes! Don’t overthink it, folks. Most of the wine sold on this site is made this way. Traditionally-made Bordeaux typically ages in oak barrels for 18-22 months, not 11. So while to some extent you get what you pay for (slower aging can produce more nuanced wine, but at a cost), this is still great value.

Maryhill does nice wines at nice prices. That being said the 40% oak stave thing has me intrigued. Found this oak stave supplier, who has on line calculator to help the cutomer order. The user inputs a “percentage of flavor” desired.

Maybe that is what is meant here???

We’re 40% from France?

That is correct! The staves are put into the tank.

I fear the wine community is in a weird Friday mood. LOL

I think some started the weekend early and are just having trouble staving off the Friday morning hangover

True, but it hasn’t gotten in the way of our buying, from the look of things. I include my own purchase.

And yes, hung over, mostly a food hangover in this case. Glad to have the day off.

Interesting site, thanks for the link!