Maryhill Winery Columbia Valley Merlot (4)

Maryhill Winery Columbia Valley Merlot 4-Pack
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2011 Maryhill Merlot, Columbia Valley

Anyone have any experience with this stuff?

Looks like a lot of folks buying, but no one commenting…

Also interested in case anyone has notes. Great deal for something I don’t feel bad opening on a weeknight but I think 2011 was a hard year in WA so it could be good or it could be bad.

I live in Washington state and although you are correct that 2011 was a cool and wet year, this particular vintage won a silver medal. It’s also one that is getting better with age, so in my opinion this would be a great deal.

Although it was a cool year, the weather was highly cooperative in its longevity resulting in good tannin development. We experienced a smooth-run harvest due to a well-timed and continual supply of fruit from our growers. This Merlot is a delicious balance of berry aromas and dark cherry on the palate. Cheers!

Notes: Deep garnet color. Berry aromas dominate the nose on this classic merlot with hints of boysenberry, gooseberry and blueberry. On the palate, notes of dark cherry and blueberry are accented by grippy tannins and a lengthy finish.

Thanks for joining us! I know Columbia merlots are known for being a bit more mature and structured than their California counterparts, would you say that this follows that trend?

In for 2…for da wife

Fred - merlot ?

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ya I like a hardy Merlot, if this is light, as many Washington wines are, it goes to the wife.

Thanks for chiming in! How’s this drinking currently and what kind of longevity does it have (yes…that pesky drinking window question)?


I’ve been to this winery and enjoyed their varietals many a times. While not having had this particular vintage, I would expect it to be in line with other’s expectations about being a decent (likely above average) table/weekday wine. I wouldn’t cellar this personally, not just because I don’t have one, but this seems to be a drinking wine, not one meant to be saved. Cheers…and in for one…for the wife! :wink:

Just for everyone in the future if offered again, tried this last night, even though I bought for the wife. To me this is a
Cab drinker’s Merlot. I really liked this stuff, drank more like a Cab than Merlot.

i agree with Fred; this was very good esp. at ~$10/btl. Tried to get some more direct but they wouldn’t honor the woot price. Offered me a case for $160 + ship + tax. It was good wine, but not that good!