Mason Cash Pet Accessories

PET PICTURE TIME! Show us your pet! :slight_smile:

Are these microwave safe?

You microwave your pet’s food?

my boss from my veterinary technician days informed me that ideal temperature for cat food is that of “a recently killed mouse.”

make of it what you will.


you want pet pictures? of my zoo (2 dogs, cat, fishes) this is my favorite. Jayne Cobb dog ate the house while I was at work. All except the garbage. he fought the garbage and the garbage won (as evidenced by his greeting me when I got home with a garbage lid on his head).

Can we get a loot at what the other two styles of food mats look like. With only one picture and three choices, I’m flying 2/3 blind.

also, yes, it seems that these are microwaveable, but it’s unclear on the website. Pacific Merchants describe the bowls as being made using the same process as their mixing bowls; the mixing bowls are described as being microwave safe.

the pet mats don’t appear on the company site, but they ARE on the amazon listings (WHAAAA?)
santiago stripe is the one shown (Also is cheaper on amazon, fyi)



Timmy might like one of those Rabbit bowls…

Yeah, that’s a bit odd. Let me see what I can find out.

We really DO need a Woot Pet section. =^.^=

I agree. The other day, I picked up the cat bowl to clean it…found JUST a mouse head in it and a small bit of entrail it was using as a pillow. And judging by all the half eaten ones I find out front…yeah…definitely agree.

+1 On that!!! Totally agree.

LOL! That is absolutely adorable.

Dogs make the world a better place.

Howdy Pet Lovers!

Just looked and the photos of the other mats have been added to that sale page. Now, go buy 3!

Perfect timing. The metal bowls for my cat are getting nasty around the rubber edge that prevents them from slipping.

Even scrubbing them can’t get rid of that junk.

I ended up buying a rabbit dish and a low feed bowl. I couldn’t find the rabbit bowl on amazon, but then I found this

The low feed bowl is $1.01 cheaper on amazon with free prime shipping.