Massage & Muscle Therapy: Calm Down

I was excited to see the massage and muscle therapy title as I’ve been waiting for a prospera massager to come back to woot. Sadly, no prospera listed. Bring back the prospera please!!

What is the brand name of this device?

Which device?

We give the brand name when it’s available. In some cases, we can’t list the brand name to protect their relationships with other retailers.

Reviews on the pulse massager they are offering.

and the link to the more detailed version here:

TL:DR - Cheaply made, not worth the money, there are much better options out there.

What is the brand name of the hot/cold neck & shoulder pad? Also, does it come with the black sleeve that is pictured, or is that a separate purchase? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Nevermind! I figured out the brand name on my own. Here is a link to info. on this and the back hot/cold pack on sale: Still wondering if it comes with the sleeve, though, as the wording is iffy…

Does the MC735 arrive in one piece and how much does it weigh?

What are the dimensions on the back pad?

Does it come with the sleeve?

Also is this the kind that in order to use for heat you click a metal disk inside and it gets hard?

Then in order to recharge you have put it in a big pot of boiling water?

One piece and The MC735 is 182 lbs.
Box dimensions are 44.5x33x32

I’ve inquired, and we should have the back pad dimensions soon.

The answer to the last two questions are “YES”.

I hope this information helps you out! :slight_smile:

UPDATE 11/3: Buyer let us know that the sleeves to the hot/cold packs are not included. Sorry for this inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns please email into Woot Member Services at


What’s the brand name of the Lumbar Massage Cushion?

I need to know this too!

The back pad has a description from a shoulder/neck pad. It doesn’t really fit the item.

The heated lumbar massage cushion appears to be from IB Wellness

I only find this particular one for sale at wayfair, directly through their site and through
Amazon. No luck finding any reviews.

The other IB Wellness cushion looks quite different Wonder whether this is actually made by the same company, or just rebranded.

(Ugh…gotta find an easier way to embed links from my iPad…Sorry for all the edits!)

How does this item do with cold? does it freeze solid or remain a gel when cold? Curious because i’ve been looking for an ice pack for my knee and this looks like it could work

I’m interested in the neck pad, and it’s listed as a hot/cold pad, but the description only mentions it’s heating capabilities. How does it do as a cold pack? Is it like a standard cold pack?

Also, does it have straps or anything to hold it in place, or are we stuck with good ol’ newtonian attraction?

RE: Reusable Hot/Cold Pads

To use it as a cold pad, stick it in the freezer for about 30-90 minutes. Any longer than that and it will be come solid. You can return it to it’s liquid state by recharging it (clicking that thingy).

Alternatively, you can keep it in the fridge for any length of time and it will stay liquid.

Inner Balance fm100 Foot & Calf Massager
Does anyone know if this has heat added to it?

Umm yeah, totally pissed it doesn’t come with the sleeves that were shown. WTF… would not have ordered this if it hadn’t come with the sleeve. MAJOR disappointment Woot.