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Ok, I got this chair the last time it was on woot. It does work great! But we didn’t find the other #1 hose attachment so now the shoulder air pads don’t puff up. Where can I find it?

Contact Inner Balance. These were new items and they should have the replacement part for you.

Oh, and double check the packing.

I’m glad you love the MC660 Massage chair you purchased and I’m happy to help you resolve the hose connection issue. If you’ve got a disconnected hose I’ll just need to chat with you on the phone, sometimes when the chair is getting assembled it’s easy to miss a hose connection. If you could call me at 1-877-217-2862 I can walk you through it, or you can email me at and I can send you a diagram that will help you locate and make the hose connection.

Hello. I am considering buying this chair for an older family member who will be going through chemotherapy and it’s looking to be a cold winter this year. The title for the item “Inner Balance Wellness MC660 MC660 - Premium Heated Zero Gravity Chair” mentions heating and that’s an important feature for me in considering the purchase. I do not see mention of heating on the Inner Balance website’s page for the mc660 at Could someone please confirm that this chair is in fact heated? If not I suggest Woot remove mention of it from the title and description for the item. Thanks.

We checked with the vendor and they confirmed:

Will never buy massage or elctronic products from Woot again…INNER BALANCE M-100 neck and back massage was the last one that leaked sand… 1st one just stopped working at 6 months… refurbished hp sleekbook battery stopped charging at 6 months. All products they sell seem to have a 6 month shelf life. Support is useless… basically tell you buzz off and contact the manufacturer. STOP PROMOTING THAT FAT FACE FOOL ON YOUR SITE. DON’T BUY FROM HERE. AMAZON IS CHEAPER!