MASTER & DYNAMIC MW50+ Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

MASTER & DYNAMIC MW50+ Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

So i’ve dealt with a purchase of a master & dynamic headphones earlier this year. Master and dynamic’s response to a warranty claim is that Woot is not a reseller of theirs therefor i have no warranty and that i should buy a different product directly from them.

Extra bonus from them is they do not disclose who’s an authorized reseller of their products.

Not sure who dropped the ball on this but i would express great caution.

Sorry for the problem. Reach out to woot customer service and tell them what you’ve tried. They should have some options.

I have, and no acceptable response back. It’s not a refund issue at this point. I had hoped woot would work with master and dynamic especially woot advertising the one year warranty that they now know is invalid but this listing still advertises it.