Master Lock Keyed Padlock

Master Lock Keyed Padlock

If you want to watch someone pick this lock in 20 seconds, the Lockpicking Lawyer does so in the following video: [1257] Master Lock Celebrates 100 Years of... Security? - YouTube


Valid criticism. But he’s superb at his craft. This is an under $25 lock while the ones he respects are close to $45 to $250 (whew). Some are not even on Amazon Mothership (which is remarkable and tells you something).

It’s still effectively a 3-pin lock. You can get much better locks for under $25, such as the Abus 75 dimple lock or the Abus 80 6-pin lock.


Thanks for the reference. Indeed better though the “lockpickinglawyer” is amazing. He seems to respect the Abus locks generally as better made and a bit tricky. Takes him longer to open them instead of his usual 15-20 sec. :slight_smile:

Here is one of their better locks and he still has it unlocked and fully disassembled it in pieces on his workbench in a little over a minute.

Here is the Arbus 75 dimple you mentioned - he took 1 min 1 sec to open it. But he is exceptional and it took his skill and not even normal picking tools

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Locks are to keep honest people and casual criminals out. I’d use this on my shed, for example, where just ripping the door off is far more likely than someone picking the lock. Our local addicts are far too twitchy to pick a lock.


Also good for keeping dangerous items inaccessible to children.