Master Lock Truck Bed U-Lock, Black

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Master Lock Truck Bed U-Lock, Black
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2/19/2014 - $12.99 (Woot-off) - 1 comment(s)

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Be warned: you MAY have to cut your bed liner to install this.

Well, these are fine, but I promise you I can cut these steel cables in 4 seconds with a pair of bolt cutters. Don’t even think of relying on a cable to protect anything valuable. Use only hardened chain if you actually want to keep what is yours. Every bicyclist already knows this. Unless they haven’t yet had a steel cable cut and their bike stolen.

Why can I not put this in my cart?

Is this sold out?

Yes but how many people do you see walking around with a pair of bolt cutters? A cable will stop most people, nothing will stop all people

What errors are you getting? Have you tried using a different browser?


Locks keep (mostly) honest people honest. A true and determined thief can beat anything but this is to make sure nobody gets any ideas while walking past and/or to raise the difficulty level high enough to make it not worth the bother.

Thieves are lazy. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be thieves. Make your stuff harder to steal than they want to fight with and they’ll move on and steal from someone else.

Yup. Don’t leave stuff in your truck overnight, but this will let you have lunch without stressing out about your equipment.