Master Lock Universal Size Coupler

Master Lock Universal Size Coupler




Advanced locking mechanism resists picking and prying.

I hope that doesn’t mean this shares the same core as this other Master Lock:

I have a couple of trailers so I was interested in these. However, after only a few minutes of reading about them on the 'net I quickly changed my mind. “Master” has made a real dud on this one. It seems that the only part that is any good is the bright red paint!

No thanks Woot!

They’ve made plenty of duds.

BosnianBill at Lock Lab didn’t think much of it.

I’m tempted, because even if it’s pickable, it’s a lock that will take more time, than the trailer without any lock on it down the way.

Everyone keeps bashing master lock but don’t offer anything much better for the price. Why? There isn’t anything out there short of some hundred dollar hunk of metal that’s any better. It’s not IF it can be picked, it’s when. So, spend 300.00 bucks and get what, 5 more minutes of safety? Maybe enough time to fire a couple of rounds and spook them off? If someone wants your trailer, kiss it good bye short of taking the wheels off the thing or booting it, not even a Sargent lock will stop them, just take them longer to pick or break it. This device is as much a deterrent as anything out there @ 5 times the price.

But HEY WOOT!, here’s my gripe. It’s sold out, has been since around 3pm Eastern Time but it’s not showing it’s sold out on your web page. What’s up with that?

Sorry about that. We’ve got something going on that keeping some sales from showing sold out properly. I’ll ask about it.