Master Mechanic 115-Piece Drill/Driver Bit Set

Master Mechanic 115-Piece Drill/Driver Bit Set

This set is not bad for the price. The drill bits (titianium nitride coated) are ok but not top of the line. The wood bits are meh but ok. The masonry bits are horrible though, and the rest of the 1/4 bits are just fine. The best part of the whole deal is the roll up pouch. It’s what you throw in the 5 gallon bucket with your general tools and screwgun because you don’t know what you’re going to need. I have used it more times than I can count in the last few years. Don’t forget to add a locking extension and locking extension with shield because there isn’t any in this kit. It wouldn’t hurt to replace the masonry bits with a decent set. ($$)

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Interesting how the exact number of pieces comes to 115. That just happens to coincidentally be exactly how many bits are in a set of letter, number #1 to #60, and fractional from 1/16" to 1/2" drill bit set that generally costs well over $100. Huh, how about that, doesn’t seem shady at all!!! I really don’t need a bunch more duplicates of the phillips and flat screwdriver bits that every kit comes with a bunch of because they are the cheapest to make. The question I ask myself is if the price is worth it for the TiN coated bits and roll up pouch. Doesn’t seem like the pouch would do much good holding the smaller bits in.

I’m sure this is made in China, but c’mon Woot give us a country of origin!

Just be aware, that if you’re one of those people who have come to the 21st century and replaced your drill/driver with a hammer driver…these bits (especially the screw bits) will shatter pretty quickly. And the drill bits themselves aren’t going to be the cleanest cuts

I remember when woot was cool

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Personally I don’t care for impact guns. There are so many situations where an impact is not needed or just plain wrong. I have a couple different ones and hardly use them except for opening and closing crates.