Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smoker with Remote

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Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smoker with Remote
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I never understood the concept of a Smoker with a “window”. If the thing is working properly shouldn’t any food in there be obscured by the smoke? Hmm.

4.8 Stars over at Wayfair

Just in time for Thanksgiving. This seems like a great deal, I’ve been wanting a smoker. Deluxe

I have one of these. It is fantastic. It’s so easy to use. I will say it tends to take a bit longer to cook some items than the directions say. But it’s a really good product.

I have it, I love it. Well insulated and constructed. Remote works great but hard to read in low light. Small pellet capacity, worth it to get an EZ Smoker tube for several hours of good smoke.

“I never understood the concept of a Smoker with a “window”. If the thing is working properly shouldn’t any food in there be obscured by the smoke? Hmm”

Actually…just a fine wisp of smoke is all you need when you’re smoking multiple hours. Go by any real BBQ joint and see how much smoke you see. Bet you can’t even see it. Too much smoke can cause bitterness in your meat

I got one last time. You put the meats in and turns it on.

When you wake up from nap, dinner is done and you are the hero.


The window is for Meats to look out and see who is torching them…

It it isn’t worth getting out the charcoal and wood chips then it ain’t worth doing. LOL

(sigh) Amazon says discontinued by manufacturer. One wonders why?

I’ve got the similar model but the controls are in a pod on top. Wife and kids got it for me for Father’s day. I love it!!! I’ve done whole chicken (~4hrs for a good size hen), holiday ham, boston butt (I let this go overnight because it takes about 14-16hrs for ~9lbs). I’ve had requests to make pulled pork when family members get together.
You can do research on on how to prep and smoke different meats.

Husband has this. He bought it about 2 years ago.
Haven’t had a problem with it,and I love what he smokes. Not just meat. Smoked squash soup,nom!
Also,one of the reasons we chose this smoker was that you could have more control over the amount and type of wood. We’re not a fan of the pre-made smoke pellets/tablets. Husband likes more control over the smoke flavors.

Masterbuilt makes this same smoker for a variety of locations and they change it up ever few years. The way the controls sit on top has changed to be incorporated into the edge, some design changes to the interior, remote temp sensing dodads, etc but it’s still the same basic smoke box they’ve made for years. It’s around $300 at Sams and more at Cabela’s and similar outlets IF you can find the 40" most only carry the smaller 30".
Have smoked many items, primarily ribs and the pork butts, and they turn out great. I did add an idevice/iphone app and temp sensor since mine didn’t come with the remote sensor unit years ago.
Looks like I’ll be getting another one.

I have one and really like it…and use it weekly (for about a year now). BUT the internal meat thermometer went out on it which I like to use. So now I use a regular thermometer and face it towards the window. :slight_smile: Glad I got the one with a window.

Old smokers heated with wood, and coals that produced smoke and added flavor to the meat. Now you’re heating with electricity and need a little wood and smoke for flavor. So, you have little or no obscuring. :slight_smile:

Usually, it’s because the manufacturer has come up with a newer model. This is a common practice and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product.

This is woot and other deal sites’ business model - selling overruns and discontinued products at steep discounts.

This is a great smoker. I have smoked six turkey breast at once with no problems. The newer model is Bluetooth instead of the remote.