Masterbuilt Electric/Digital Smokers - Your Choice

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Masterbuilt Electric/Digital Smokers - Your Choice
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Check out the product page for the stainless steel model

Reviews with Manuals over at Academy Sports & Outdoors

I will say a few things. Masterbuilt makes good electric smokers. I have had one for over two years. You can smoke some good meat here. Of note, you wont get a “smoke ring” but you will get smoke penetration into the meat. They can be quite easy. The glass door will become opaque very qyickly.

These are a great introduction to the world of smoking. Very easy to use, and great for the occasional smoker who doesn’t want to put the time or effort into smoking with fire. I recommend a kamado for best combination of flavor, moisture, and ease of use, but this certainly wins on ease of use.

Actually you can get a smoke ring, buy some charcoal and place one small briquette or 1/2 briquette in sheet of aluminum (to act as ash collector) in the tray with the smoke wood. That will generate a smoke ring. Other folks rub nitrates (there are commercially sold rubs) that will impart smoke ring

Cookskack smoker forum has a ton of tips as they sell electric smokers

I bought a Masterbuilt Smoker several years ago. They had to replace it twice due to a short developing where either you would be shocked touching the body of the smoker or the GFI would trip. The last one they sent me started doing the same thing, so I gave up. I would not buy this smoker!!

I bought one of these a a while back and got rid of it within a few months. I’m now back to my wood smoker. I could never seem to get the same good smoke flavor with the electric one. I tried pork butt, ribs, and duck. Finally did a direct same day cook off btw the two and had a blind taste test with friends. Wood smoker won. Others say they work great but they’re not for everyone.

Love mine! I would recommend getting the cold smoker attachment (Only like $50 on the mothership) Allows for longer times without having to refill the chips and lets you smoke things like cheese! Hmmm Gouda.
Plus with it being digital there is no fighting to keep temperatures even!

So glad you brought this up as I have had the same issue and it seems to be common with them. I do love that you can maintain a few constant temperature but I am about to go back to the old trusty wood smoker after three years of using the electric and having to replace the heating element.

I myself find it easier to use this one but I do like the flavors I get off the traditional are far better. I have been smoking meats with my dad since the age of 16 and almost 30 years later there are good products out there, but nothing beats a traditional smoker if you know how to cook on one.

I bought the 40" Masterbuilt from woot for $240 2 months ago and have used it 4 or 5 times. It’s great! I use the A-MAZE-N Amazen Pellet Smoker as a smoke source, which has been really good. The combination works as advertised – if you search for MES and AMNPS online you can get a lot of tips on recipes, etc.