MasterChef Duracut 16pc Kitchen Knife Set with Cutting Board

Hmmm… tempting…

Wife has wanted some knifes

you guys misspelled it. it’s supposed to be “Master Chief”. newbs.

You’re also using a wholesaler site that only does B2B sales. More than likely $6.50 each when you buy a minimum of 25000 or more of them. Yes, you will find cheaper prices on things when you buy them in bulk.

At this price (even on Woot!) these knives are almost surely micro-serrated, stamped and laser-cut stainless steel knives.

Translation: they are cheap junk. Microserrated knives CAN NOT be resharpened, laser cutting makes for crappy edges, and stainless steel doesn’t hold an edge anyway.

My advice would be that if you get these at all, just use the steak knives and skip the others. It’s definitely worth it to invest in forged, stone ground knives - even if you’re not a good cook. An inexpensive ‘good’ knife (~$30) is better than expensive ‘crappy’ knives (like these).

hahahah nice


k that convinced me not to buy these

one 4 me…good enough for the camping kitchen box…

but does it come with… RAZOR GATOR!!!

I LOVE the name.

That link takes you here:
Better price (6.50), but you have to buy 26000 sets. Before you have negotiated postage.

It’s like those 99 cent screw drivers that w00t sold and everyone was hyping that they look exactly like Craftsman but then they start complaining that they break easily. I dont want a knife set that is cheap and risk the handle falling off or the blade breaks in two.

Seriously. Woot got pwned…

Bad idea. These are stamped blades and likely are VERY flexible. This means you’ll have poor control, and will make cutting much more difficult than it needs to be (and increases the chances of injury). Gift suitable only if you don’t like your brother, or your brother’s gf.

3 questions:

  1. Are they full tang?
  2. Do they come with some kind of guarantee/warranty?
  3. Will the company sharpen them if ever they dull?

If the answer is no to any of these questions I will not buy these or any set of knives for that matter.

Maybe these are clones and not the real thing.

Zoom in to this picture. woot did spell it correctly.

You’re probably right about the microserrated and the laser cut, but they’re definitely stamped, not forged. If you look at the photo, you can that the thickness of the blade goes down into the handle. Forged blades have thicker steel at the handle, and taper down into the shape of the blade (due to the forging process)…

Yeah, but those screwdriver sets are still working great for me, llo. C’mon. They had star keys and everything. For a buck!


I am happy with my 3 sets of screwdrivers. I was able to twist off (break) a license plate screw. So they are stronger than the screw! It was a normal thickness screw for a license plate. I had to drill out the mess! l-o-l

He was making a Halo joke.

See product description.