MasterChef Duracut 29 piece Cutlery & Kitchen Tools


Hmm, I’m moving into a new place and even if these knives aren’t that great, they’re in my budget and I don’t do a ton of serious cooking. I may have to think about this, even though I have like…no money.


crappy, crappy knives, anything that says “never needs sharpening” is not a real knife

this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for


anyone who bought the knives last time, how’s the quality?


anyone know anything about this brand?


It should come as no suprise, but these really stink. Well, the blades are nice and sharp, but the handles are hollow plastic and “rivets” are little dots that are glued on.

I happened to have purchased some a few days ago since I had a woot-coupon burning a hole in my inbox.

If only they came with the spaghetti spoon then… I could have used that.


I bought the knives last time, and they are complete shite. The handles are plastic and the blades are so thin they bend in the breeze! Stay away all ye who value your fingers!


Lol I love how woot describes it. “Shoddy, mediocre”


Despite the quality, I’m tempted to pick these up as I don’t actually own any sort of kitchen tools. At all.

Would I be better off picking up a cheap set from Wal-Mart or something?


“Does not need sharpening” is a euphemism for “can’t be sharpened.”



If you buy 3 sets, it’s cheaper than buying one fairly good knife set and you’d probably get at least a year or so of use out of them before they all fell apart. Not a bad deal IMO. Plus who can’t use more plastic kitchen utensils, knife blocks and measuring cups. I might have to get some of these…

Also… these would be decent gifts for younger siblings/children moving out for the first time who need stuff…


I have only a few rules for my kitchen stuffs.

Have a good sharp Fillet Knife
Have a good quality Boning Knife
And Always have a Cleaver, you never know when you’ll need a clever.

other than that, cheap knives all around.

All knives need to be sharpened and honed eventually, and as long as you maintain your knives there is no reason why this can’t be good enough for most people.

Also: this is a more than adequate set for a boat, rv, or any other place other than your kitchen.


I am moving out of town for 3 months and leaving all my shit behind…picked this up to hold me over!


Well, if it “helps”, Consumer Reports never heard of these guys.


Live near an IKEA, or an outlet center?


Are these any good? For the price I wouldn’t think so, but I purchased a $30 knife block a while ago and they are some DARN tasty knives.


Woot says: “shoddy, mediocre knives” and “these low-quality tools.”

Hahaha, at least woot is honest about this product.



Sounds like a personal mantra rather than a “utensil tip”. However, good post and good advice.
Passing on these, though. Nylon melts at too low a temperature. I’ll stick to my stolen kitchen knives and my wooden spatulas and spoons.


i was a fool. i bought these knives last time. just got them. JUNK JUNK JUNK!! the metal is so pathetically thin. they’re like aluminum foil with handles!