Mastercraft 55-Piece Automotive Maintenance Kit

No duct tape or zipties included. What kind of “Automotive Maintenance Kit” is this anyway?!?

(Nevermind the lack of 10mm sockets. Plural – because 10mm sockets.)

This is not at all an automotive kit. It is just some random tools in a box. It’s also usually only sold in Canada. Would probably stay clear of this woot.

Because how many times when I’m working on my car do I wish I had a drill bit?

I’m sure the 10mm will be missing before it arrives.
It’s always the 10mm.

shyeah, drill bits and only one 10mm? i buy 6 of those at a time…when i lose the previous 6 of course…

Don’t pass judgement so fast. Those torx bits, especially the T50 and T55 are incredibly expensive (the price of this entire kit) and generally necessary for transmission work on European cars like VW Golf and Ford Focus.

The drill bits…I’m scratching my head on that one too. Can’t say I’ve every drilled a hole in a vehicle, that’s what self tapping machine screws are for, and if you need a big hole: stepping hole saw bit.

But the torx are where it’s at.

Yeah, the drill bits are dorky. Seriously, I have enough holes in my car already, living here in Washington state, where the invasive Asian Drill Beetle is running rampant, infesting poor unsuspecting vehicles and turning their pathetic carcasses into automotive Swiss cheese. You’ve got to be careful who you park next to around here.

Seems to me an “automotive kit” should have … a ratchet and a bunch of sockets.

I did not realize that the Ford Focus was European.

Focus was designed by European teams as a world car… Per wiki… So it is a little bit true…

So I am not the only one thinking the exact same thing…

First more a home owners set , not for auto . Plus price is stupid should be 9.99 at the most

They can be helpful for putting speed holes in your car.

You said bit… Heehee

“Automotive”, Maintenance", and “Mastercraft” are random marketing words…

You have much to learn yet, grasshopper.

Crouching in a narrow pit in a yoga contortionist asana, drilling out a caked-in stud from an exhaust manifold flange, is one of many things about fixing cars that I don’t miss.