MasterPlug 1' Metal Extension Cord Reel (Lead Only)

MasterPlug 1' Metal Extension Cord Reel (Lead Only)

So…How much 12/3 cord will this unit hold?

And do I have to reel out the whole cord, and plug in into the one foot attached leader cord, in order to use the outlets on the side?

You plug it in to the 1 foot lead before winding it up. That connects your extension cord to the 4 outlets on the side. You plug the other end of your extension cord into the wall outlet. That way no matter how much of the 100 feet you actually roll out, those 4 outlets will always be connected and powered.

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Oh and I believe this is to hold 100 feet, based on the Amazon reviews they link to. I think they just have a typo in their product description calling it 1’.

Where’s the proof reader when you need one? This is no housewife’s blog. We need to double down, LP.

You sure about that?

It doesn’t look like it works that way in the instructions view (step 5), and I don’t think I’d want that lump of a end rolled up under the rest of my 100 foot cord anyway.

I was hoping to hear from someone that owns one.

I’m woefully undercooked then.

The 1’ is the length of the leader cord. It’s not a typo. The reel will hold an extension cord up to 100 feet in length.

Figure 5 is just to show what it looks like it all your cord is unwinded. I agree about winding the cord around the plug (lump). Not sure I want that either.