MasterPlug 40' Extension Cord Reel

MasterPlug 40' Extension Cord Reel

Appears to be $28.34 on the mothership.

Maybe it’s gone? I’m not seeing it.

It was being sold by Amazon with a “on-hand date” of June 12th. I got one (maybe the last?).

Can I leave this outside in the rain?? Being serious, cause I dont know and it doesnt say.

Well, I don’t know for sure but I’ve always thought electricity and water don’t get along well. Considering the outlets aren’t covered, I’m recommending that you don’t.

OBE at this point, but the outlets actually can be covered. Each plug can slide over to cover/uncover the “holes”. That said… no idea if it’s officially rated to be outdoors, even though I’ve used ours camping.