MasterPlug 60' Extension Cord Reel

MasterPlug 60' Extension Cord Reel

Is this rated/insulated for outdoor use in cold, wet weather? Ideally, I need an SJTW, but can’t find the info on this deal.

Hello! Here is a link to the datasheet provided by the manufacturer, though it doesn’t specify if the cord is SJTW. If you are looking for something to use in extreme weather, these probably wouldn’t be the best bet, since they are mainly designed for more common home applications. Thanks!


I bought one of these on Woot maybe a year ago. I love it. BUT, wifey recently lost the carriage bolt that holds the rewind knob in place. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement, or at least have the specs for the carriage bolt so I can restore the use of the knob?

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Hi there. Have you contacted MasterReel?