MasterPlug 75' Extension Cord Reel with USB

MasterPlug 75' Extension Cord Reel with USB

Description Says 12 Gauge Cable, but the picture shows 14/3 … does anyone know which is correct?

I second and add…

First picture shows 15 amps on upper left of reel but description says 13…?

Still waiting for clarification…

Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. It’s 14 gauge.

Per the vendor:

The 13amp USB units are 14 gauge. These are identified with the Greenish Yellow cord.

The 15amp USBs are 12 gauge. These are identified with an orange cord.

Just received mine, USB which states 12 gauge, it’s 14 gauge, also says right angle plug, it’s a straight plug. Usually Woot is very accurate in their description but feel let down this time. Will take what the state with a grain of salt from now on. Buyer beware.

Hi there. We’ve updated the sale to state 14 gauge. I’m sorry about that.

I’ll check on the plug.

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