MasterPlug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

MasterPlug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

The 75 foot one without USB on Amazon is listed at 124$, so this seems a good deal. 4 stars, although only 8 reviews.

(notices something in the pictures, and pokes around the specs…) Uh… this is ONLY the reel. No cord, apparently. It’s a reel that holds up to a 75 foot extension cord that you have to supply. Suddenly doesn’t seem so good a deal…

Thumbs up for the Aldo Nova reference in the description!!! :joy:

The pictures say cord is included.

Given that there’s an option for “Lead Only” and options that specify length and cord rating… I’d wager it just depends on which one you spring for.

This is incorrect…I purchased this item from woot a couple of months ago and it comes with a cord on the reel, with the outlets integrated into the reel itself.
It should come with the wall hanging bracket which you can find elsewhere for too much money.

The biggest issue with this cord, to me, is that the fluorescent yellow coating oxidizes and comes off on your hands. take all the cable off of the reel, wipe it down with an alcohol soaked rag, should mitigate for a time.

I have too many cords as it is. The reel intrigues me though. I might have to check out home depot and report…

Only one of the models doens’t include the cord, and that is the “3-Foot, Lead Only ($19.99)” model. All the other options include the cord.

If it’s 14 AWG cable, it’s rated at 20 amps at the most, so how can each of the 4 outlets carry 10 amps?

Nothing comparable at Home Depot. Lowes has something for 17 dollars, but apparently you have to unwind the entire thing to use it. I don’t know if that is a design thing or a safety thing. I think it’s probably worth getting this either way.

@cpogden: There are several answers.

  1. By overreaching the ratings.
  2. It’s unlikely everything plugged in will be pulling 10A each at any time.
  3. 14 gauge ratings vary from 15 to 25A, depending on the jacket. 25A is still less than 4x10A, of course.
  4. The listing shows “13A” as the limit. Presumably this is for the breaker, and it is well below the 15A rating of cheap 14-gauge cable. So, each outlet can safely draw 10A at any moment, and the system can safely output 13A to everything plugged in. Presumably the breaker would trip if someone tried to draw anything close to 40A.
  5. Bad design. Even if it trips at 13A, that could easily be through a single outlet only rated to 10A.

Pick as many as you like.

OK, Woot: serious question… WTF is the “3’ lead only”? I presume it is the REEL, with a 3’ lead, but if I read it literally I’d be paying $13.99 for a 3’ extension cord.

You are paying for the reel. You connect your own extension cord to the 3’ lead.

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