MasterPlug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel


MasterPlug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel


got the better one of these last time it was on sale, Just used it last week, Great way to keep it organized with a quick way to reel it in without getting your hands and cloths dirty

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What would the advantage be of getting the 3-foot extension model versus getting the 30-foot reel with cord for the same price?


Ummm… - On the mothership, the 40 foot reel is $3 cheaper then here on Woot!!! What gives, Woot!!!

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What gives is the one on Amazon is 10 Amps where our 40ft is 13 Amps.



I’m guessing the 30-ft one is this model (Woot doesn’t have it pictured):

The reel by itself is a nicer reel than the 30-ft one, and it holds up to 50 ft of cord.


Last two pictures have their labels swapped.


Not understanding the difference between the one ft lead and the three ft lead, except two ft.


Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!


The 1-foot lead is one of the heavier duty metal reels, and also has a higher amperage (15A vs 13A). Thanks!


Ahhh, thank you, in for that one


I might bite on this. I have a little Sun Joe electric mower, which is rated for 12A. The yard is about 20 ft deep (typical postage stamp). The heavy-duty cord I’m using has horrible twisting issues. This should help rectify that, right?


Don’t get the lead-only models. The big plug to attach your own power cord (that’s why I bought a couple) gets in the way of reeling it up nicely. Pain in the butt. Wish I had bought it with the cord on.


Well, considering they show an electric mower in the picture, and probably the model I’d need (40’ 13A), I’ll answer my own question and say yes, it should.


We had a 30 below winter and with the existing reel I had, the cord sheathing shattered into a million pieces like glass. Needless to say, I’m not buying another one unless it has a temp rating. Cheap Chinese rubberized plastics don’t cut it in MN.


The description says they all have 14 AWG cords except the USB versions. Does this include the “Heavy Duty” 15A version? 14 AWG is a bit small for 15A.


The pictures they have for the 15A cords show 12 AWG on the real… Don’t know which is accurate the description or the picture.


Why does the Amazon freee shipping never work. I’ve logged in with my Amazon account and if always charges me the 6 bucks for shipping. Is there a catch or is it some kind of a joke.


Morning. The heavy duty version has 12AWG cable, like the USB version. We’re updating the sale.

Hello. I am told:

The AWG rating and amperage are two different things. For the models with the 15A rating, that means the sockets on the reel have a power rating of 15 amps. The 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge) refers to the diameter of the cord itself.

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