MasterPlug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

MasterPlug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

Can you guys offer the metal reel without cord?? 13A isn’t going to cut it for most power tool extensions. Most bigger power tools hit a max of 15A which will throw the breaker on the plastic reels.

According to the info, the metal-reel models are rated for 15A with “(12 Gauge Cable on both the USB and metal models)”

Also unless you are talking big bench saws or an air compressor, most things will be fine with a 14 Ga 13A-rated cable. But yes, 12 Ga is of course better for long runs as there is less drop.

Does the “3 foot, lead only” option for $16.99 come standard with all other choices? I do not see the lead in any of the pictures so the option of this lead leads me to confusion.

The lack of a clear lead about the lead leads me a similar conclusion about the confusion.

The ones that come with the extension cord don’t come with the 3’ lead.

Does the 3 ft lead come with a reel?

Yes, it’s this:


Better half has this - it is awesome!