Masters Of Invisibilty

Mighty Amazing Uncanny Turtles?
Wonder Super Bat Turtles?
Adolescent Deviant Aikido Turtles?

Love glow eye Splinter!

Calming design in a sinister sort of way.


I notice the alligator doesn’t want anything to do with the quartet. It is a wise reptile.

My immediate thought was: Yes! They included Leatherhead!

Turtles just can’t be turtles anymore. Back in Aesop’s day turtles were slow and they all knew it. But now, they’re ninjas.

(and yes, I know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise, unlike a certain popular children’s franchise)

I freakin LOVE The Teenage Mutant Masters Of Invisibilty Reptiles!

This shirt is actually awesome.

Hi, I was in the neighborhood and just wanted to stop in the say thanks to a few people. I’d like to thank Woot for the print, all you beautiful people for your support and Michael Bay for nothing at all. Thanks! :smiley:

I forgot which is the Unstealthiest Turtle?

Splinter suddenly breaks into song:

“Somewhere out there…”

Perhaps my eyes are still tired or something, but if this is supposed to be a parody of TMNT, shouldn’t there be a purple headband in there somewhere?

I see light blue, red, orange and dark blue, and dark blue is not even carrying a weapon. Maybe the intention is that the purple headband appears as dark blue because it is underwater, but this is not a good enough excuse for such a lack of oversight…

Whoever they’re sneaking up on is gonna be really startled when they yell “TURTLE POWER!”

likely due to the colour limitations. i believe the first one is donatello, the last one is leonardo, who’s new weapon would be scissors it would seem :wink:

Donatello is the first one on the right. His purple is deeper because it’s night and his bo-staff is actually to his right by the bulrushes, sticking in the ground–he’s looking at it.

The many turtle shirts are getting as annoying as all the cat shirts.

Middle-Aged, Stupid, Gymnast Turtles…take me back a few years! Loved these guys.

I thought the same of Leo’s weapon. Why is he using pruning shears?

For trimming his bonsai trees–everyone knows about Leo’s love for topiary art and such…