Mastrad 5-Piece Top Chip Kit

i thought that home.woot might be selling a bear trap today, but no.

At first glance I thought this was a bear trap.

Jeez, do you folks have bear troubles or something?

last time I checked, frying potatoes in oil tasted really good.

A video that woot didn’t post.

I like them fried 'taters!

Are you kidding me? Bear’s are the #1 threat to America!

I thought it was the packs of rabid dogs. My bad.

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who saw this and thought it was a bear trap at first.

Yeah, I had to read it a few times too!

I bake potato chips (and sweet potato chips!!) all the time…they are way better for you, and the kids love them.

I haven’t gotten quite as creative as the Woot writers, but it is fun to play around with seasonings. My favorites are either kosher salt and cracked pepper or Paul’s cajun seasoning.

Oh, and get a Misto olive oil mister…makes the process way easier.

If you haven’t tried it, this is a great way to start!

strangely enough, I was just looking at a similar item for about the same price.

This is a different company, but there are some good tips in the reviews.

Tray is not recommended for those with trypophobia. Augh, I can’t look at it.

Nice “As Seen on TV” product. I’ll give you $12 for it. No, that would break some unspoken As Seen On law. I will give you $12.99 and you will throw a second one in along with the blond mom in that video to do it for me. And I won’t wait, I will act now!

Why does an infomercial sound so much appealing with an Australian accent?

Yeah why mess with perfection?

right? 'cause we’re all so used to bear traps. I’ve probably seen ten today (under my desk, at the bus stop, etc…)

I just looked up trypophobia. I think I might vomit.

Pampered Chef has one that looks identical for the same price. But theirs only comes with 2 trays, and shipping costs $7.50. chips

Guess which one I bought :slight_smile:

The video in the write up really helped me understand what the heck this thing was, cause at first glance, I was totaly lost.