Mastrad 5-Piece Top Chip Kit

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Be very careful if you lose the mandoline top, easy to slice off part of your knuckles. Or go really slowly.

Bought these the last time, they are wonderful! I made pear chips and sweet potato ones too. The chips are tasty, a little tricky to get the timing right but wonderfully easy to make your own chips!!!

Oh look a credit card reader and a bear trap.

hows the mandolin compaired to others

I bought one of these when they were on Home.woot a while ago. I’ve tried apples, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. Now if you’re thinking you’re going to get the flavor of deep fried potato chips, you’re wrong! They aren’t bad, I prefer sweet potato chips, the regular ones just taste a little funny. They give you three trays, but it’s really hard to make all three cook properly, it’s best to do one tray at a time. Forget about making bulk amounts of chips for a party, it’s quite time consuming, and it seems that repeated microwave use, one time after another, decreases the power of the microwave, and pretty soon you’re microwaving them for 7 minutes and they are still not done. Overall, not a bad buy, especially if you’re a health nut!

Can I put Todds Dirt on these chips?
Without any oil it would just slide off I think.

Same brand with the slicer and just one tray on Amazon for $18.49 with free shipping. I’m not sure why you need three trays unless you have three microwaves and want to make three batches of chips at one time.

I bought this just before Christmas and we opened it last week and started using it. It took 4.5 minutes for the potatoes without drying them but they came out perfect. Haven’t had any success with fruits yet.
The mandolin slices things super thin and that works great for more than just chips.

you can add any seasonings before you microwave and they taste great. If you try to add it after they are cooked you will just make a huge mess.

You also really only need 1 tray. we haven’t had much luck with just 1 so we have yet to try 2 at a time. we just rotate through them.

YUP !! lost tip of my thumb with one.
And I was sober at the time.

Can’t really find this exact deal on Amazon, but it seems like you can buy 2 trays for ~$20, and since I already have a mandolin and have Amazon prime, might just try out the trays via that deal…

Reviews for potato chips seem good but what about tortilla chips?

“These chips are tiny, and a little fleshy…”

I thought this was a potato chip tray and a cheese slicer…lol

Though I have not used this particular brand, I received the pampered chef version (link: Shop | Pampered Chef US Site) as a gift and it works wonderfully! I love it! It is very easy to use and making chips is quick and easy with no added oil. They turn out nice and crunchy with out that greasy/oil bagged potato chip feeling. Also, Adding a little bit of sea salt gives the chips a great taste!

I <3 chips! Are these crunchy like a real chip?