Mastrad 5-Piece Top Chip Kit

I had absolutely no idea that this was coming. None at all. And certainly not today, because of the completely unrelated Woot Podcast video

Expected it to be quite a bit cheaper…

$2 cheaper than last (non-wootoff) time.

Previous Woot

Obligatory bear trap joke.

good reviews on Amazon

Yeah, I remember these from before. The video just didn’t sell me. Insterested in seeing comments now from previous Woot purchasers.

Love the music featured in the product video shown in the product description. Found myself salsa dancing :slight_smile: Very cool product and video.

Tried this for fun…NOT! Result is rubbery chips! Better off just putting slices of whatever on a baking sheet in the oven with a spritz of your favorite oil. C’mon, a lil fat won’t hurt!

Seriously?? It seems like way too much work for a so-so chip. And who wants a fat free chip anyway!!

Watched the woot! video, and love it!

I also learned from the video. The last time i saw this on woot!, there was discussion about making chips in your oven without this kit. I tried it, and came up with yam chips that were far from crunchy. What I didn’t realize, and neither did the woot!lab guys at first, is that you have to dry your chips before making them. Do that, and you get crunchy, tasty chips that can pass for dead presidents. Can’t wait to try my hand at it, again!

So you know:

I am not buying this product because I need it.

I am not buying this product because I want it.

I’m buying this product because I want to start a new product line, called Arthur Chips.

Hmm, nah… Chester Chips sound way better!

PS: Thanks for the idea with your Youtube video. My lawyers informed me that I’m obligated to pay you off 50% of all profits so you don’t sue.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy this from Woot when it came up, but I did buy the trays from amazon without the mandoline as I already had one and didn’t want another. I’ve only tried apple and potato chips so far, but I like it.

As noted in the video, the secret to crispy is blotting off any excess moisture, but I’ve also noticed I have to cook my chips for much longer to achieve crispiness without burning them. I actually give the chips the crispy french fry treatment and rinse or soak (depending on degree of laziness) the chips to get rid of excess starch, then dry them. I also will rotate my trays with 1 minute left on the timer since it seems the tray on the bottom cooks faster than the tray on the top. The heat builds up I guess, as if I don’t my bottom tray turns a bit darker than my top tray.

I don’t season my chips so I buy more expensive yukon gold potatoes for my chips, but gosh darn they don’t need it. They still keep that nice almost buttery flavor, and I find that it’s easier to eat one potatoes worth of chips and not have the temptation of an entire bag.

Also, I only have 2 trays. 2 trays is enough to hold about half a potato so you will need to make at least 2 batches with this set of 3 in this kit. If you’re making home made chips for a large group of folks you’ll need to prepare well in advance since I know for a fact even one person can eat them faster than they came be made. :slight_smile:

They really are nice and crispy chips though, and they get that nice crunch you want from a chip. I find them to be better than a regular chip since you actually are tasting chip, not oil slick (I’m looking at you CVS brand chips, more oil than potato, never again, ugh!)

AMAZON has $19.95 with free shipping and the slicer but only one tray.
woots delivered price is $30 with the 2 extra trays. $10 for the 2 trays seems excessive when you probably already have something else you could use that works just as well.

Bought this about 3 weeks ago. I didn’t dry the potato, just added 30-60 seconds more. I liked the chips plain. I tried an apple and wasn’t impressed, but liked the uncooked slices.

I bought one of these for $2 more last time. If you want to put a quick snack together and have some spuds or yams lying around, it does the job. Probably depends on your microwave, but I found that the consistency of the chips in the microwave is a bit harder to control. I would normally make chips in my gas oven - probably more energy efficient and I can make a lot more chips in one shot and control the crispness and overall quality better.

For a couple buck less, though, go for it if you want some chips in a hurry. I like options, so having this item lets me make chips quickly when I need to or don’t feel like preheating the oven. And when I don’t feel like doing the work, the kids can even make the chips, but I worry about their fingertips when using the mandolin. Oh well, I’m sure at their age, their fingers grow back pretty quickly.

I bought this last time but was very skeptical, even with the good reviews but im glad I did.

It takes a little while to get this thing calibrated to your microwave. It took me a long while to figure out that 3 full trays would need 12 min 25 seconds in my microwave. All I do is cut up 1 potato, season with salt or ramen seasoning (spicy is best). Which only takes like 5 min. Then toss them into the microwave and take a shower or watch tv.

Its surprisingly convenient for a lazy cook. I still need to try non potato chips some time.

I was thinking the same thing as you @Tiamat114, but after looking at Amazon, I could get 2 trays only for $25, or I could get 3 trays and a free Christmas present for $30.

Christmas is just right around the corner you know…

This absolutely, positively will not make it to your house in time for the big game. Just a heads up in case anyone was hoping to have fresh, healthy chips for said event. You’ll just have to get by with store-bought.

could this make beef jerky??? if so my guess you would have to cook the meat first…

The trays are also sold at Pampered Chef. Two trays are 26.50 - too much. I’ve had good luck with thing at Pampered Chef so I’m giving these a shot.