Mastrad Kitchen Tools

So…the knife and peeler set is available from Mastrad for $9.99 and at least for me, there’s also a $5 off coupon listed right under it too.

Also, anyone know if the Mastrad Orka V-Blade Mandoline is pretty decent quality? Been interested in getting a mandoline and there’s not much I could find in the way of a review (aside from, I like it or I don’t like it).

So that isn’t cool. They just updated their price within the last few hours up to $34.99, meaning either they have an account here to “answer questions” or they were notified and changed the price. Either way, never mind on the Mandolin question, don’t want to order from Mastrad at all anymore.

That’s a terrible deal for whippits

It was a typo on their site. It was never supposed to be listed at $9.99. That was way below our cost.

Ok – I’m missing the difference between the two knife/peeler sets. They seem exactly the same except one is pictured in its shipping box.

What am I not seeing?

The color. One is ceramic black the other is ceramic white / silverish.