Mastrad PureFizz Soda Maker Set

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Mastrad PureFizz Soda Maker Set
Price: $19.99
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Be super careful of this. I bought for like $40 last time it was on woot and I’ve had to return it twice because it rusts on the inside, even if you store it upside down like they say to.

Chicago Tribune Review

I have to say, even a quick look at Amazon’s reviews shows that this is a pretty widespread problem; even in bottles that are supposed to be fixed. Which disappoints me, because I’d really like to find a carbonating solution like this one that carbonates more than just water.

For what it’s worth, I bought one here in October and have no problems with it. I much prefer it to my SodaStream overall and will go so far as to say it’s one of my favorite purchases here ever. However, I’ll add that I have no dishwasher so I rinse this out and dry it almost immediately after use. Used that way, at least with the one I got, I’ve no rust problems. Maybe I just got a good one and others have gotten lemons. Even so, picking one up again as a backup in case I do see this problem down the line.

Where do u get the canisters and how much do they cost?

Am I reading this right? Includes 1 CO2 charger and that charger is only good for 3 uses. Seems a bit pricey for 3 carbonated drinks. Yeah… I’m probably reading it wrong

$204.89 for a set of 10 metal bowling pins? Tempting, but I’ll pass.

Does anyone know if the Leland 8gm food grade CO2 cartridges (available on Amazon) will fit this? In bulk, they’re a lot less expensive than those from Mastrad.

I purchased one of these about a year ago on woot and I love it. I use it maybe once or twice a week, generally to make a lightly flavored seltzer. Works like a charm and no rust issues. I wash it out as soon as I am done with it, let it dry for a day or so and store with a paper towel wadded up inside. I bought 100 of the Leland 8 gram chargers on Amazon (although I can’t find them in my order history) to use and they work great with this. I would recommend over the SodaStream unless you like making highly flavored carbonated drinks on a daily basis.

Thanks much. In for one.

No rust problems here.

I got it on a $40 sale, and use it to carbonate water, juice, etc… and “funner” things like orange juice mixed with vodka. Works pretty well, and the stuff you make stays bubbly for a long time.

This is a deal.

Another wonder gadget that will take up space on my counter or go into storage in 60 days.

They’re fine. I have one of these (and am buying another, because it’s starting to get sad) and am using the Leland cartridges right now.

It will take a standard 8GM Co2 cartridge. You can find 10 of them on Amazon for $8.

I’ll add to those that say this has been a good product for me. No rust issues and I don’t even worry about rinsing/drying because I just make fizzy water a couple times a week. Cartridges are cheap on Amazon: I think I got 100 for like $30. I read up a little and at the time it seemed like the rough math works that it’s comparable or cheaper than Sodastream per fill.

At less than half of the cost of a Sodastream I’d say this is worth it even if it’s just to see if you like having a way to make carbonated water.

Can you carbonate things like beer (homebrew)? As I understand it, SodaStream only works with water, that it makes anything other than water fizz up so bad that it’ll be all over the kitchen floor.

Do NOT try to be clever and use Cartridges in seltzer bottles, etc. that are found in sporting goods stores for pellet guns! I am told they have traces of lubricating oil.