Matein Large Laptop Backpack, Unisex, Black

Matein Large Laptop Backpack, Unisex, Black

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Solid deal! I paid more for a subpar bag in the same size. 17" monitor bags are hard to find. This is highly rated and reviewed and this price seems like a no-brainer.

Alternatively you can go with this one, use coupon code MB5NL8XW to drop price. It looks a lot nicer and less flashy with kid design stuff. Just a sleeker design in my opinion.

$27.99 - MB5NL8XW = $22.39 (this is a record low for this item per my research)

Might be a nice Backpack, but didn’t know backpacks were gender specific :slight_smile: I may have been walking around wearing a ladies backpack all this time! :wink:

I ordered this last week and just got. It is a nice backpack. But just want to point that it’s a bit larger than other backpacks it resembles, such as the very popular Victorinox ones from Target. And it does have large right in the title, so I’m not claiming any kind of shenanigans. It was just a bit bigger than I expected. And maybe larger than I want to use as my daily going to work or class bag. And I’m not small - 6’-0" with fairly broad shoulders (if I do say so).

The other thing that bothers me about it (and is going to sound even sillier than criticizing a large BP for being large), it’s a bit over the top. Like too many bells and whistles. And pockets. So many that I know I’m going to forget where I put stuff. And even empty it feels substantial and kinda heavy with all the straps and buckles and zippers.

Think this BP will be a great travel carry-on and I’m looking forward to using it for that. But for a day to day bag I’d like something that’s about 80% of this in every way.

But should say it’s exactly what it claims to be and a great deal at 30 wampum.

I just got this backpack. Came in just a few days. I wanted a large size backpack. I read the review above this from dinkledort. He made it sound like it was a larger than normal backpack. It’s just an average size backpack. I compare it to the High Sierra backpacks that my kids use for high school. It does have a lot of pockets and room for stuff but I was hoping for something bigger. I’m 6’2" and it looks small on me. Out of the box it seems like good quality.