Materra Napa Valley Merlot (3)

Materra Napa Valley 2007 Merlot 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $120.00) 50% off List Price
2007 Materra Merlot, Napa Valley, Oak Knoll District
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Courtesy of CJ:

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Mill, if you’re reading the forums, hope you’re well and enjoying the fruits of your first sucker! :slight_smile:

Man, if I were buying wine, I’d be in. Nice pH, low alc., appealing description, nice price for Napa fruit.

Winery: any manipulation? Addition of mega red/purple? Alcohol decreased? Addition of acid?

Wow. 3.35 pH? It does beg the acidulation question. Pretty low alc for 2007 too. Picked early?

And this is less than half the average CT pricing. Think this is gonna be difficult to resist…
Looks like WD scored for us on this one.

Interesting thread on WB about a new technology in Cali anyway called “Flash Detente”. I wonder how many wineries are using this process? Guess we should be asking this question too.

Very, very tempting!

The winery tasting notes sound terrific:

The 2007 Merlot is a Mediterranean Blend that starts with the aromas of cola, smoky bacon fat, cherries and plums with a background of cedar and soy. Flavors of cherries and raspberries with an herbal note are framed by chalky tannins and bright acidity which contribute to the length and complexity of this wine.

EDIT: I wish we still had lab rats, that could easily push me over the edge to tap that big yellow button :slight_smile:

I can’t help it - when I see Mill as first sucker I just have to buy unless it is totally out of my price range. Can’t say why I just thnk he knows his stuff.

Hi wooters - Winery here. No flash detente for Materra. Our production is small, coming almost exclusively from our 50 acres of vines in the Oak Knoll district, and we intend to keep it that way!

What about any other manipulation?

Sounds good, in for one.

Looks like another great deal! The descriptors make my mouth water for smoky bacon fat and as my cellar is in dire need of some high quality Napa merlot, I’m in for one!

Good to see the winery here today, hopefully Kyle’s questions get some considered attention from them on how this was produced, and not just fluff comments.

I for one want to jump in and join mill, but inquiring minds need to know.

Not a Cab, but at 89 points I’m in for one

Hi guys - Michael here. I’m one of the winemakers for Materra. Great questions on the '07 Merlot. This vintage was produced primarily from the mature Merlot vines on the Oak Knoll property. The vine age gives us the flexibility to pick optimally without having the wine come in too hot. There’s no manipulation to the wine - the vineyard itself provides much of the character and complexity. Hope this helps!

It absolutely does. I’m pretty surprised that you were able to achieve those (really nice) numbers naturally.

Man, I’m not buying wine, but these sound really well done.

Its a nice discount on these.
I have no clue as to the quality of the wine though.

Here’s a link to some photos of our recent Tasting Room Grand Opening, located on Main Street in St. Helena CA