Mathis Grenache 2007 - 3 Pack

Mathis Grenache 2007 - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2007 Mathis Grenache
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$30 a bottle (plus S/H) when ordered direct. Not a bad deal.

“I’m afraid that your friend Mathis is really…my friend Mathis.”

I want.

LabROUS review: an attempt at objective description of wine. My goal is to give you an idea of the aromas, flavors and structure of the wine(s) reviewed. Because wine preferences are personal, I try to stay away from “quality” assessments. It is, of course, impossible to completely ignore my pet likes and dislikes, but I will try to let you know when I’m expressing opinion - for example, many of you are aware that I am not fond of heavy oak or high alcohol.

  • Mathis 2007 Grenache

This wine has typical color for Grenache – medium red, more to the orange direction than to the purple The initial aromas include cocoa, dried cherries, tobacco and a hint of leather. Swirling brings out cherry and blackberry-like fruit with notes of black pepper, licorice, brown spice (cinnamon and nutmeg), root beer and a floral component. After several hours the fruit seemed more plum-like, and there was a component to the finish that reminded me of peppermint.
The entry is full but not sweet, the middle dry, slightly chewy yet supple, and the finish lingers with blackberry and some tannin. The acid balance is spot-on, neither tart nor flabby, and the wine has consistent texture from entry through finish. The ample tannins are rich and moderately soft, adding structure and some astringency on the finish. This is not a monster that demands aging, but certainly has the stuff to last and develop for several more years. The finish is fairly long, and should get even longer and smoother with more age.
This is a pretty serious wine, much more of a dinner companion than an easy quaffer. It is not as intensely fruity as many California Grenache, which is to say it leans more towards the Southern Rhône than towards raspberry Koolaid as a role model. There is no obvious oak, no questionable aromas, no cheap perfume or gaudy costume jewelry. It is balanced enough for current drinking but promises to develop nicely for those who have the patience to lay it down for a few years.


Hi wooters, Peter Mathis here, poised with a glass of Mathis Grenache, ready to answer questions, ANY questions (even exceedingly personal questions) :slight_smile:

Peter, first, welcome to Woot! You’ll find our motley crew eclectic, engaged, and hopefully interesting. :slight_smile:

So, with that - Grenache is generally one of the least acidic grapes, which is why its wines tend to very easily turn into a slick, jammy mess. I had a Priorat the other night, though, that was 75/25 Grenache/Carignan (of course, those silly Spaniards call them ‘Garnacha’ and ‘Cariñena’), and although it had a terrific spectrum of dark fruits on the palate, it was also surprisingly acidic and, above all, had a very clean mouthfeel. I wouldn’t expect the same beef blood and coffee notes out of this that I found in the Priorat, but how does this compare on mouthfeel? The pH of 3.6 gives me some hope for a certain elegance…

BTW - Quite the elegant bottle, a Bordeaux shape without shoulders, and a ridiculously deep punt.

drinking window on these? drink now? or wait?

This is basically what I was looking for, and yikes, does it sound appealing…


First, I am a Lucky LABRAT! (Thanks David!)
We opened the bottle after dinner, and sliced some cheeses and salami, prepared a fruit bowl then poured a couple of glasses.
This Grenache is mellow but fruity. Agreeable and uncomplicated.
I loved it, while my husband thought it was simply “good”. I probably should have served it to him with a steak. That would have been great.

Sigh…No Monies :frowning:
I love Grenache and was just thinking I would love it if some was offered here sometime soon.

PW, thanks for the lab rattery.

Wait what? Labrat for a tuesday wine?

Labrat on Tuesday?? wait what day is it??

Well, I’m drinking it now (literally, haha, I’m up to answer questions on it afterall), but it holds up well. The inaugural vintage, 2004 is in top shape. Time will tell – experience is the only truly definitive word, but one thing we do at Ravenswood to approximate ageability is to leave a partial bottle out on the bench and taste it every day until it really goes bad. The Mathis (in vintages to date) holds up, actually improves for many days. It may sound crazy, but I like it best at day 3. -PM

I’m a sucker for Rhone wines - love the blend profile, very interesting. I also have been a fan of your wines at Ravenswood. Just wondering what you did to keep your alc under 15. I think I will need to get me some now - before I head off to bed.

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I drank a bottle of Twisted Oak 06 Grenache tonight and was thinking I need more and this pops up…fate I guess,in for one :happy:

i am WOWED!!! DAY 3?!! i may have to try this! now when you say leave it out on the bench, what is the temperature like? and is the bottle open to air?