Matryoshka Muerta

Day of the Dead is November 2nd. Order with overnight shipping and you’re set.

Just when you thought Halloween was over, woot hits us with a “Day of the Dead”/zombie tee… Though, I think this would sell better had woot sold before Halloween.

$.02 +

In Soviet Russia brains eat you.

My worse nightmare as a slayer of zombies, little Russian eggs that just keep getting littler and littler filled with Mexican zombies. wonderful.

halloween was yesterday

I’d hate to see what the smaller dolls inside look like!

What would we find inside - smaller, more decomposed, more evil versions of it?

Woot has entered another dimension where time is running 1 hour slower than reality.

Halloween was yesterday…

Halloween is so yesterday…

For some reason, as soon as I saw this I thought of Grateful Dead.

Very creative gelatin. That IS gelatin right?

< trufax> Day of the Dead and Halloween have nothing to do with each other. < /trufax>

Every rose has it’s thorn, and every skull has it’s brain-eating carnivorous green mummy thing.

Don’t worry folks, it’s only Tutankhamen! The brain-eating zombie version, that is. That version is a little less known.

Those Russians and their crazy toys. Russian Roulette is no fun either.


I got here as fast as I could, am I the first to mention…


that Halloween was yesterday?!

Any of you think it’s strange that the Day of the Dead AND Election Day fall on the same day? Kinda creepy. Maybe we’ll have a zombie election??

It’s inspired by window pane.