Matsunichi 6GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive

what the hell is matsunichi?

BizRate Prices… ok

Shopzilla Prices… great

MSN Shopping Prices… no good Prices… decent

No CNET or Amazon Ratings… therefore i don’t trust this thing.

… none of the comparison sites come close to the woot price for new (used is a diff store)… Shopzilla has the most place to buy this thing by far… so that’s worth a looksie… but here’s the…
More Useful Link for the day… aka memory cards of 2GB or more that can be found on shopzilla for less that $50… i think that’s a good idea… herrrroo… hehe.

I think I forgot to vote!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $61/74

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $65.84 Link $65.84 via ANTOnline

Manufacturer Page

This looks very handy. Good sized capacity.

Pricing info…
Secretprices - $65.84

Froogle … $64.75

PriceGrabber … $66.17

Also compare pricing on some 4 GB drives from slightly more reputable companies.

GREAT woot… I punish mine and it still works as a letter weight

K00l, but too big!

Isn’t Matsunichi the leader in… uhhh? Matsunichi?

Ooo, looks like a nice woot…I wonder if they come in bigger sizes?

Love these portable type drives. BUT anyone heard of Matsunichi?

not a bad deal, but im gonna have to pass. Never heard of the brand, plus i really dont have 6 gigs of stuff i need in my pocket…

Is this compatable with USB 1.1?

A little bulky for my taste. Night.

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Matsunichi 6GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Matsunichi 6GB Portable Drive - MD-6G

Perfect for shucking oysters.

wow, not a bad deal

the 4gb during the woot off was 44.99, iirc

For $55 it should at least come with a functioning display

eBay $39.99

alright, now I can back up my Grandmothers HDD!

Lowest on froogle is $68

Some lucky guy should snag this on ebay for $31

Ebay needs shorter links