Matsunichi 8” 16:9 Digital Picture Frame

Matsunichi 8” 16:9 Digital Picture Frame

$44.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

Pricing for future reference

tempting, one of my family members would like this for xmas

my friend wanted one of these and they sold out earlier this week, just emailed him. hope he gets one too!!!

No internal memory? That sucks like a dyson.

What’s the beef with Michelle? She the clearest thinker out there. Guess Woot likes its news PC.

OMG! I was first. 3 years doing woot and this is my cherry!!

Not the same as before, no remote, no internal memory, no additional bezel, no sound support, no av out :frowning: and moving through the menus is difficult without the remote.

When did they decide to start making 16:9 digital picture frames? The overwhelming standard in photography has always been 4:3

Looking through the sunday paper… Office max and RadioShack both have similar 7" digital frames for $49.99 starting tomorrow (at least in my area; atlanta) … you loose an inch… but some people need stuff immediately!

-Bah Humbug.

I knew they’d have a bunch of these left over from cancelled/swapped orders for the 800x600 frames (which I did order and will receive Monday MUAHA).

Still a fair price for them at this resolution.

merry christmas mom…

So it looks like these will NOT work with a USB memory stick right folks? Help please…

-Very good deal when you consider the resolution
-Who uses the internal memory anyway? Have not yet on my i-momento…
-4:3 a standard for prints? Consider:
4/3 = 1.3333… 16/9 = 1.7777…
a 3.5x5 print = 1.43
a 4x6 print = 1.5
a 5x7 print =1.4
a 8x10 = 1.25

Just some info…

No memory stick…but they tend to stick out the side anyway = ugly…specs below

Different Model this time.

If I only had $50 that my wife would let me spend. I would love to buy this but my wife wants more Bon-Bons and diet Dr. Pepper so I’m out of luck.

I actually bought this same model from for $5 more a month ago. Really nice picture and good transactions. Great buy for the money. I was also presently surprised that it was smart enough to go down the folder structure of my camera’s sd card and find all the pictures.

No. 4:3 is the standard for analog TV. In recent years they started making digicams that shot 4:3, but the standard for 35mm film is closer to 2:3 (4x6). I never could figure out why anyone would buy a digicam that shot 4:3 because if they wanted them printed, they’d have to be cropped…cropped in a way that would usually cut off the tops of people’s heads.

16:9 isn’t right either, but it’s closer than 4:3 IMHO.

here’s a question. where does the two day shipping get sent to, po box or physical addy? oh is it faster to normally have it shipped, either physical or po box?

Since this is wide screen will this cause the bars on the side of the pictures. My friend has one and it has the bars and drives me nuts.