Matsunichi 8" Digital Photo Frame



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Every man, woman, & child in the U.S. has a digital photo frame. They are a solution in search of a problem.

Is anyone left?

Matsu-what? Is that Swedish?

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I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise

Am I missing something? What’s the resolution of the LCD? All I see are the supported video resolutions.

Is it compatible with my Commodore 64?

got one of these for my wife. She loves it.

sugarprincess’s Full Review: Matsunichi 8 digital picture frame (PF800)
To start, I was thrilled to find an 8" LCD frame for under $150 (I paid $135.99 at—so what did I like and what did I hate?


I really liked that it came with two colors of interchangable wood frames (cherry and black).

I was excited that it had the ability to play mp3s.

I loved that it came with a remote (others I bought as gifts did not, and it was much more of a pain to set up)!

At the time I ordered it, I didn’t know this, but I like that the media card slots are on the side and not the top (like other frames I have seen).

It was also very easy to walk through and set the preferences (this is where the remote really comes in handy!).

I am VERY impressed by the picture quality, which I would rate as very good. I have pictures loaded that range in size from 72dpi to 180dpi (20k to 800k), and all the photos look crisp and clear (except, of course, when a photo looks shaky to start with!). I have the frame on my desk at work, about 18" away from me and I can see everything clearly. If I step back from my desk, I would say the picture stays clear and easily visible from at least 20 feet (where you start to lose small details, especially if the photo is dark). I’m not sure quite how to describe/measure the viewing angles, other than to say that I can get fairly close to the frame (from the sides, almost looking at it dead on) and still see the picture. I have the frame in front of a large window, so there is often bright backlighting, but I am still able to see the photos–otherwise, it’s general office lighting (not bright or dark) and the photos are extremely easy to see. Overall, I would say the photos look as good on this frame as they do on my computer monitor.

That said, I am definitely not 100% thrilled with this frame…and let me tell you why…


The minor things?

The remote needs to have a pause button in case you want to stop on a certain photo. You can pause it by hitting the ENTER button and then arrowing over to pause, but a pause button would be much easier.

There should also be a button to start/stop the music. The only options for playing slideshows are to (1) start the slideshow, (2) start the slideshow with music, or (3) start the slideshow with videos. But what if you want to start the slideshow with music but want to quickly stop the music? Or start the music in the middle of the slideshow? There’s no easy way to do it. A button on the remote would solve this issue quite nicely (I have seen this on other remotes for other frames). For this reason, I have not loaded music on the frame yet - so I cannot comment on the sound of the speakers.

But these are just little nitpicks.

The major thing wrong with this frame? That I actually HATED?

I bought the Amazon-recommended 1GB SD card to go with this frame because I have a lot of photos–and I mean A LOT OF PHOTOS. I easily found and loaded 1500+ pictures onto the card (which still only filled half the card!) and set the slideshow to 10 seconds each (the choices were 3, 5, 10, or 30 seconds)–thrilled at the prospect of having 4+ hours worth of photos to watch at work. However, that’s not what happened.

I turned the frame on at 8:30am and I was quickly seeing duplicate photos–definitely not four hours worth of photos at a time. But just when I thought I was seeing all duplicates, I would see new photos–but then it was quickly back to the same photos again. At the three-hour point, I would say I’d seen about half the photos at least 4-5 times each (if not more often than that).

I looked through the manual (and actual preferences on the frame itself), and didn’t see any information on this issue. I also didn’t see anything saying that that photos were chosen randomly, which might account for the duplicates (but even if it did run randomly, you would think it would run through all photos first before repeating). The photos also didn’t seem to be running in any sort of order (i.e. alphabetical, or as they are named on the SD card, similar to how I’ve seen other LCD frames function) otherwise they would cycle through all the photos before repeating.

I looked up the specs online and it didn’t say ANYTHING about an allowable number of pictures. Interestingly, there was a support question asking about the 5.6" model, saying that:

“The total images supported in a SlideShow is 142 with older firmware.
FOR PF560 5.6” Picture Frame ONLY*
To increase the limit to approximately 250, upgrade the firmware to the latest version.

*Firmware Upgrade for PF800 8" Picture Frame will be available soon."

I registered at the manufacturer’s site to see more customer support answers, but there was nothing there. However, they do have an online ticket system, so I asked them about it. I just couldn’t imagine there being a limit on the number of pictures shown in a slideshow, considering the size of cards you can get.

I got a fairly quick response, but I didn’t like the answer:

“Yes, there is also a limitation of photo it can be read for this model too. It can only read up to 280, and the coming new firmware an only be approved to read 500 photos. we understand this issue and pushing vendor to fix it. Sorry about that.”

I then asked when this firmware update would be available and how I would need to go about installing it. Again, they responded fairly quickly:

“The new firmware will be ready at early of March, we will post on our website with instruction. However, we believe the 500 photos are still not enough, we still pushing vendor to fix it to be unlimited.”

I certainly hope they can convince the vendor to increase the number of photos. What good is a frame that can hold any size media card, but is limited to 280 photos? And since this is apparently a KNOWN issue, why is this information not presented ANYWHERE?

I would NEVER have bought this frame with the 1GB card had I known this (in my opinion) critical limitation!! I am quite upset about this, as (1) this frame was a chunk of money and (2) I spent probably 2-3 hours going through all my photos to transfer them to the card, and (3) the technology obviously exists to allow more (or even unlimited) photos in a slideshow. I think it is 100% unacceptable that this limitation is in place. You should only be limited by the size of media card you use.

Since I bought this frame with the thought that I could run a slideshow of ~3000 photos (and now I know I can’t), I really feel like I should return this…but I honestly don’t want to go through the rigamarole. Other than the stupid photo limitation, it is a very nice-looking frame and the picture quality is great.

So, overall, let the buyer beware…buy a smaller media card or be upset that you can’t load more than 280 photos (or 500 in the future).


is that hole in the black part on the bottom a camera to take a picture of you looking at the picture? (and then subsequently add it to the scrolling pictures?)

a picture of a pitcher!

Well, maybe not EVERY woman has one, nor wants one for that matter.

I don’t have one

One of these would look great sitting alongside a new sewing machine.