Matsunichi 8" Digital Photo Frame

Not to impressed with the resolution but maybe I am expecting to much for #35.

It will probably be sold out by the time I get an answer but, what’s the resolution on this thing?

It’s getting attached to the back of a headrest and the backseat drivers will like it, or else.

Digital Music/Video/Photo Format: MP3, MPEG-4 ASP (up to 704x576 resolution), JPEG (Up to 512 0 X 3840 resolution), BMP, GIF and PNG

I don’t THINK it is too early for mindless whiners to start screaming BOX OF CROCS or whatever. Where are they? Do they usually wait till 5 AM or something? I’d have sworn they started with the 2nd item in a Woot-Off

MPEG-4 ASP (up to 704x576 resolution), JPEG (Up to 512 0 X 3840 resolution),

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Where did they find

That’s the supported resolution of the videos and images, but it still doesn’t tell the resolution of the screen. I wanted to know what is the resolution of the screen.

Is there always a bag of crap during a woot off?

Here are some consumer reviews at N@@E@@ link



correction: (according to my word-web dictionary … y’all or ya’ll are both correct, however …
You All is contracted as

if you’re from the South where they really say it…

or All Ya’ll …

As in … “All ya’ll ain’t from 'round here … huh?” click

This is correct.

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No. Usually, though.

Hah, of course! Is there a time that they seem to usually go up around? Like early in the morning, or later in the afternoon?