Matsunichi 8GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive

Great price, but who really needs it when they got gmail? Plus cds are like 10 cents each…

You can get a better one at Radio Shack… they are on clearance / sale for really cheap

i cant keep up with this shit

Can you install linux on this thing and boot from it?

Do they take returns?

Is Woot Agent working great for everyone?

meh. don’t really need it. have a good night all. i gotta get some sleep.

We need Bags of Crap!

Reward your faithful, oh Woot gods!

Otherwise, we’re going back to worshiping C’thulu. And you KNOW how messy that can get.

Got one of these in the last woot-off. Works like a charm for me, though there were some whose didn’t.

GOT IT! :smiley:

There was a reason I didn’t buy one of these the first time around.

Wow… they must of had a dozen of these… selling MUCH slower. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s only a hand full of them.

me want the emergency car kit

and there they go :slight_smile:


c’mon people start posting funny pics cuz this one will be a long one… hope not.

:frowning: I have a habbit of throwing receipts out

3,6,or 9

got one of these last time around. pretty good buy for 8gb