Matsunichi Digital Picture Keychain - 2 Pack

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Matsunichi Digital Picture Keychain - 2 Pack, for $12.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x Matsunichi PV143 Digital Picture Keychain

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Froogled. $16.99 $24.71 (1 review: 1/5 stars)

eBay $6 -26?? $25.99

Note: These are the prices for 1. With Woot you get 2!! How do they do it?!

Only one star on Amazon, but only one reviewer, but still…

They are not very attractive looking to the common wooter (18-25 male).

I suppose they could be a good gift for a younger sister or significant other?

gotta love that Plastic Man

idk! so you can upload pictures from ur pc??

yep snagging some of these as early Xmas gifts!!!

horray! now i can carry my sailor moon pix with me while i drive my moms minivan!

Anyone know if these are hackable? That would make a very interesting project.

Im not, but my boss is down for 2

these will go great with my hello kitty backpack…

Anyone got a read on how durable these are? How much G-shock can it take. I tend to bang my keys a lot and if it kills the screen after a drop, well?

I know it’s rechargeable, but what is the battery life… Wouldn’t be a bad gift, but not for someone who won’t plug it in once in a while to charge it…

My suspicion is that I would not be significant to my other if she got one of these as a gift from me.

is it all internal memory i’m assuming?

Sucker for two. One for Mom and one for nephew. Two for my own kids.

And that’s the Chris Claremont written Magik #1-#4. In that one Storm’s a lesbian, and Kitty’s a lesbian and Illyana’s an underage lesbian walking around in her underwear and they all fight a devil with one arm! Yeah, Claremont was totally ahead of his time, wasn’t he?

I totally own that that series signed by him. And to think, back then it was innovative, now he’s just crazy.

The picture on these look kinda tiny. Anyone own them to give a good review?

stocking stuffer time…I’m in for six

How much internal memory? Might be worth it to use as a emergency flash drive.