Matsunichi Photo Blitz 7” Digital Picture Frame

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New Matsunichi Photo Blitz 7" Digital Picture Frame, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Matsunichi Photo Blitz 7" PF7e Digital Picture Frame

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Arrr, that picture on the screen,. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

got color other than black?

resolution is crap!

I hate these things.

Does anyone have one and actually enjoy it?

First? (yeah right). Anyway, these are sweet if you’re a middle aged, middle management jerk with about 50 pictures of only your dogs you want to look at…

crap, I’m in for two. . .

These things will be 10 dollars at Walmart next year

Will this work with my 16GB SDHC card?

Ask yourself…

“Do you really need THIS?”

Most likely not

Dog!? I thought it was a bat.

430x238 = garbage

YES, Finally I can display my 300+ pictures of my cat’s in high def digital glory.

froogle: $45-$150(aka 88mph)

I might get one for a christmas present for my grandma. I never know what to get her… But I would hate one of these.

I guess I will hold off and get one later on in the day and if they are still available…

That would be low-def digital glory…

DON’T BUY this!

Not because it is a bad product, I actually like the frames… The REASON: Our dependence on foreign oil for energy. Digital Picture Frames are one of many reasons we Americans are using too much energy. I read an article in Time about how digital picture frames have caused our energy consumption to rise. If more of us stop using these and switch to fluorescent bulbs, we could cut our energy consumption by as much as 20%.

So don’t buy this not because it is a bad product, but because it will cause your electric bill to rise. Do it for your country and your pocket book.

That description is hilarious and depressing as hell.

Why are these things widescreen? All it means is that you have to spend time cropping your photos in order to fit them full-screen on it. Too much damn work.

I got one, but the 5X7 of me and my girlfriend kept slipping off so I super glued it to the front. Then I noticed the plug…

Nae, this is an adorable little yorkie/pom mix from a flickr dude named bobisbob.