Mattress Toppers

Better deal that I found at the moment:
2" Memory Foam Sculpted is $65 with no shipping charge

What DENSITY ? People will ask for it.

According to the buyer, the density of the toppers are all 3.5
The specs should be updated soon.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Is there really a big difference between gel and memory foam toppers? We have a memory foam topper and our only real complaint is that we sweat all night. :frowning:

Does anyone know which company this is produced by? Specifically the 4" topper.
There are many different companies that produce these with a correspondingly large variance in prices.

Both toppers are produced with open cell memory foam. This improves air flow through the topper…leading to a cooler, more comfortable sleep. The toppers with infused gel transfers heat from the body, leading to a better sleep.

Overall, this is special foam that counters the biggest issue with older substandard memory foam which sleeps hot.

How is the smell?

All polyurethane foam products are synthetic products. These materials may have an odor. This scent or smell is typically associated with new foam production and is referred to as “fresh foam”. To eliminate the fresh foam scent, remove the item from its protective plastic packaging and allow it to “adapt” to ambient room temperatures 24-48 hours.

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Had to buy one of these…to hold us over until we can purchase a better/new mattress!! LOVE these toppers…almost feels like a new bed!!

Why is it so rare for us to get brand names on these foam and gel products?

Do the Gel toppers really do better at keeping you cool? Looking for something to regulate the temps and I want to make sure the gel ones do a decent job before I order one.

Interested, but won’t purchase unless manufacturer/brand is identified. These toppers are avail at wide range of prices. No way now to know if this is decent value or not.

The open cell memory foam increases air flow through the foam. This helps to cool and remove heat build up. The gel also absorbs heat to further cool and lead to a more comfortable sleep. Gel Memory Foam is now being used in high end mattresses for these reasons.

I sell beds for a living, and honestly, gel will never help to regulate your body temperature. It’s an interesting concept and I can understand why people would think that it would work, but let’s be honest…if gel helped to cool you down or even to regulate temperature, Dr. Scholls would have a LOT more money than he does now. Imagine being able to keep your feet cool, it would be the best thing since sliced cheese.

The layer of gel used in most memory foams are added specifically for added support in the mattress or the topper, so if you’re looking to keep cool, don’t waste the money.

The only thing you need to be concerened about is whether or not it’s an open celled technology which will allow the bed to breathe and not retain your body heat all night.

I really need one of these. I’m hoping it will help with sore shoulders from side-sleeping. Before I buy though, I need the brand name so I can do some research. if it all checks out, I’m in for one!

Manufacturer’s name please!

We often can’t give out the manufacturer’s name because their other retail channels get mad at them over the prices. Our buyers work to get you the best price possible. Sorry, but no name.

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Bummer. Oh well, I just ordered a similar one from Amazon with great reviews for a few bucks less.
If anyone is interested:
4.5 stars, 105 reviews. And it smells like mint chocolate chip upon receipt!